Men's White Gold Wedding Bands

Men's White Gold Wedding Bands

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Custom Men’s Wedding Rings: Craft Your love Story

Designing a custom men’s wedding ring is a heartfelt celebration of your love story. Personalise every element, from style and metal to meaningful engravings, to create a one-of-a-kind symbol of your eternal commitment. At Bell & Brunt, we’re here to make your dream ring a reality, ensuring it becomes a cherished keepsake of your love for years to come. 

Explore Men’s Wedding Ring Styles

Find your perfect wedding band as per your lifestyle and combine it with your preferred design. 

  • Active Lifestyle: For those with an active lifestyle, consider a durable and low-profile wedding ring, such as a classic band or a modern minimalist design. These rings are comfortable and won’t hinder your movement during sports or outdoor activities.
  • Vintage Enthusiast: If you appreciate classic aesthetics and have a vintage soul, explore vintage-inspired men’s wedding rings. These rings exude timeless charm, making them perfect for individuals who love to embrace the beauty of the past.
  • Contemporary Professional: Opt for sleek and sophisticated styles like two-tone bands or contemporary white gold rings. These rings exude modern elegance, making them an ideal choice for professionals who desire a polished look in the workplace.
  • Understated Sophistication: Men who prefer a subtle yet refined look can choose engraved details or diamond accents. These understated touches add a touch of sophistication without being too flashy.
  • Artistic Expression: Express your creativity through a custom-designed wedding ring. With a bespoke ring, you can incorporate unique elements that showcase your passion, profession, or interests. 
  • Rose Gold Romantic: Individuals with a romantic side may gravitate towards rose gold wedding rings. The warm and romantic hue perfectly complements a loving heart.
  • Platinum for the Discerning: For professionals seeking the epitome of luxury and prestige, a platinum men’s wedding ring is the ultimate choice. Its strength and rarity match the discerning taste of successful individuals.

Let your wedding ring reflect your lifestyle and profession through custom designs. Work with our expert artisans to create a ring that resonates with your personality and aligns perfectly with your life’s journey.

Discover Your Style

Gold vs. Platinum Men’s Wedding Bands

Unravel the distinction between gold and platinum wedding bands. Compare their unique properties, durability, and appearance to make an informed choice. Here’s a table comparing some key differences between gold and platinum from a ring-making perspective:




Metal Density

Less dense, softer metal

More dense, harder metal


Less scratch-resistant

Highly scratch-resistant

Metal Color

Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold

Bright white color

Allergenic Reactions

Rarely causes allergies


Purity Levels

Available in various purities

Typically 95% – 98% pure


Generally more affordable

Generally more expensive


Requires regular polishing

Requires regular polishing


Lighter in weight

Heavier in weight

Customization Options

Allows various finishes and colors

Limited color options

To get into the details of white coloured metals, read our blog on White gold vs platinum. 

Start the journey of creating your unique wedding ring with the help of our skilled artisans. Customise every detail and design a ring that holds the essence of your love.

Design Your Forever

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