Heart Shape Diamond

Heart Shape Diamond

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Custom Heart Cut Engagement Rings

Handmade heart cut engagement rings are exquisite and unique pieces of jewellery crafted with care and precision by our skilled masters. Our designers and jewellers work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your love story and personality.

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Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Heart-shaped engagement rings embody the epitome of romance. Heart diamonds are meticulously faceted into this symbolic shape, representing love and eternal devotion. Creating a heart-shaped diamond is an intricate process that demands the expertise of highly skilled masters to deliver impeccable sparkle and unparalleled distinction.

What is a heart-cut diamond?

A heart-cut diamond is a unique and distinctive diamond shape precisely cut to resemble a heart. To achieve the classic heart shape, the diamond must be cut with perfect symmetry, ensuring that both lobes (the curves) of the heart are of equal size and shape. 

How is the Heart Shaped Diamond Cut?

Heart-cut diamonds typically have a triangular or kite-shaped facet pattern on the crown (top), designed to maximise the diamond’s scintillation. The heart’s lobes are gently rounded, and the cleft (the central point where the two lobes meet) is notched, giving the diamond its unmistakable heart shape. A heart diamond’s pavilion (bottom) is typically faceted similarly to the brilliant cut to enhance the diamond’s sparkle.

Heart cut diamonds are a popular choice for romantic and meaningful jewellery, making them particularly suitable for engagement rings. Like other fancy-shaped diamonds, the beauty of a heart shaped diamond is in its unique and eye-catching appearance, making it a perfect choice for expressing true love.

Does a Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring Sparkle Bright?

Yes, a well-cut heart-shaped diamond ring has exceptional sparkle. The sparkle and brilliance of a heart-shaped diamond are influenced by several factors, including its cut quality, the number and placement of facets, and the overall symmetry. Here are some crucial factors when choosing heart cut diamonds:

  • Cut Grades: The quality of the cut is essential for light reflection; a well-cut heart diamond will have proper proportions and ideal angles for excellent refraction.
  • Light Sources: Like all diamonds, the sparkle of a heart shaped diamond is influenced by lighting conditions. The diamond will exhibit the most sparkle in natural light or well-lit settings.
  • Setting Choices: The choice of setting for a heart shaped diamond ring can also affect its shine. Claw settings, for example, allow more light to enter and interact with the diamond, enhancing its brilliance.


It’s essential to work with a reputable jeweller and choose a heart-shaped diamond with the right cut quality, colour, clarity, and carat weight to ensure that it sparkles beautifully.

Why Choose a Heart Cut Diamond?

  1. Symbol of Love: The heart cut diamond is the ultimate symbol of love. Its romantic silhouette is a testament to the deep emotional connection between two people.
  2. Unique and Memorable: A heart diamond is a distinctive choice, making your engagement ring or jewellery piece stand out and creating an unforgettable memory.
  3. Personalised Expression: A quality heart-shaped diamond allows you to express your unique love story through size, colour, and clarity. It becomes a reflection of your relationship’s special meaning.


Design Your Own Heart-Shaped Diamond Jewellery with Bell & Brunt:

Our experienced jewellers are here to guide you. Discuss your vision and preferences, and let us turn your dreams into reality. Choose from premium metals and heart-cut diamonds, ensuring your jewellery piece radiates quality and luxury.

Our artisans are skilled in creating unique and memorable jewellery designs. Whether you’re looking for a stunning engagement ring or a beautiful pendant, your heart-shaped diamond piece will be one-of-a-kind.

Ready to express your love with a heart diamond that captures your unique story? We invite you to explore the world of custom heart-shaped diamonds and create a custom piece that perfectly embodies romance.


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