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Diamond Eternity Rings: Custom Designed in Adelaide


Your eternity ring symbolises eternal commitment and celebrates cherished moments of your marriage. It must be as unique as your relationship. With the team at Bell & Brunt, you can create a custom-made diamond eternity ring that beautifully reflects your unique journey.

How We Design Your Unique Ring

What is the Meaning of an Eternity Ring?

The eternity ring represents eternal love, commitment and unending devotion. Eternity rings are often given to celebrate significant milestones in your relationship, such as anniversaries or the birth of a beloved child. 

An eternal ring is typically a band set with a continual row of gemstones, usually diamonds, that go all around the band. The continuous line of gemstones signifies an unbroken and everlasting bond between two people.

How to choose your perfect Eternity Ring

When choosing your perfect eternity ring, there’s a few points to consider:

  • Metal choices: It’s important to choose the same metal as your engagement ring if you plan to wear them together. This prevents premature wearing and damage. For example, don’t choose platinum to wear next to gold, it will wear the gold down faster and cause the platinum to dent and go out of shape. 
  • Gold colour options: With the luxury of cool white gold, warm yellow gold and glowing rose gold, your design choices are endless. Choose to match your existing rings, or update your new look with a different colour of gold. You can even choose a combination of different gold colours.
  • Diamond sizes: If the traditional diamond eternity ring appeals to you, consider how large you want your diamonds to be. Take in account your finger size. Will large diamonds fit well on your finger next to your engagement ring and wedding ring? Will smaller diamonds look a little lost next to your existing wedding set? 

It’s important to make your eternity ring even more special with customised options. Creating a custom made ring will capture your evolving style. Our design team are experts in guiding you through your choices, and will help you find your perfect design.


Unique Eternity Ring Styles 

If you prefer something unique, choose unusual diamond shape combinations instead of the traditional round brilliant cut diamonds. 

Alternating baguettes and brilliant-cut diamonds have a modern appeal. Add pear cut and round cut for a vintage feel. For a wider style, choose oval-cut diamonds lined along the top of the setting. 

With the high demand for custom-made eternity rings, coloured gemstone eternity rings are fast becoming a popular choice. Emerald eternity rings, sapphire eternity rings and ruby eternity rings bring rich colour and personal meaning to your design. Choose a small coloured gemstone to set inside your band as a hidden love message to your life partner.

Gold eternity bands are perfect for balancing the final triad of your rings. If you have a sleek gold wedding ring and a solitaire-style engagement ring, adding a gold eternity band to match adds a sophisticated balance to the final look.


How to Wear an Eternity Ring?

1. Create a ring set: Many women prefer to create a set with their engagement ring and their wedding ring. It symbolises their complete love story wearing engagement, wedding and eternity rings together. The way your set looks is personal to your style and preferences. 

2. Make a statement piece: Some people prefer larger diamond eternity rings as a statement of their journey. This stunning look is accentuated by the width chosen for the three rings, as this is taken into account when custom-designing your eternity ring.

3. Wear eternity ring on right hand: Another popular way to wear an eternity ring is to design and wear your diamond eternity ring on the right hand. This allows you to create a larger unique ring and is a beautiful way to incorporate the symbolism of your lasting love story. A right-hand eternity ring is an exceptional opportunity to embrace your journey together with a dramatic look or generous-sized gemstones.

FAQs Related to Eternity Rings in Australia

Q1. When should eternity rings be given?

Anniversaries are the main reason for creating an eternity ring.  It serves as a meaningful reminder of your time shared together. Celebrating the first year of marriage with an eternity ring is the perfect gift, or choose milestone anniversaries like the 10th, 20th, 25th or 50th.

Eternity rings are sometimes given to celebrate the birth of a child. They symbolise the eternal bond between parents and the new addition to their family.

Diamond eternity rings can also be exchanged during a wedding vow renewal as a symbol of everlasting commitment. 

Q2. How much should you spend on an eternity ring?

Typically a diamond eternity ring can start at around $2000 and rise up, depending on your design choices. There is no fixed rule or standard when it comes to the cost of an eternity ring. It ultimately depends on factors such as your financial situation, the quality of the materials used and the size of the gemstones.

Ultimately, the most important aspect of giving an eternity ring is the sentiment and love it represents, rather than the specific amount spent on it.

Q3. What stone should an eternity ring be? 

Strong, like your eternal bond, a diamond eternity band is the most popular choice for an eternity ring. But with bespoke custom-made eternity rings becoming a preferred choice for couples, coloured gemstones are a luxurious way to personalise your ring. 

Q4.  Popular coloured gemstones for eternity rings

Sapphires are quite resilient and come in a variety of colours. Rubies are renowned for their rich, vibrant red colour, symbolic of passion and love. Emeralds are a lush and luxurious green that brings a touch of elegance to an eternity ring. 

While some eternity bands feature only one type of gemstone, others may incorporate a combination, such as alternating diamonds with coloured gemstones, to create a unique and personalised design. The choice ultimately depends on individual taste and style.


Q5. What is the best cut for a diamond eternity band? 

The round brilliant cut diamond is always the most classic choice for diamond eternity rings. It is known for its exceptional brilliance, fire, and sparkle. But when choosing the best cut for a diamond eternity ring, it largely depends on your personal preference and the overall design you desire. Different diamond cuts offer unique characteristics, sparkle, and style.

Design Your Own Eternity Ring 

We believe that exceptional service is just as integral as the quality of our jewellery. Our qualified team will guide you through every step of your journey, offering expert advice and personalised assistance. We are dedicated to making your experience relaxed and stress-free, ensuring that you find the perfect diamond eternity ring that surpasses your expectations. 


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