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Custom Solitaire Engagement Rings in Adelaide

Spark your imagination by taking inspiration from our range of engagement ring designs. Our team can assist with customising your choice of ring design to perfectly suit your lifestyle needs.

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What is a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

The solitaire is a single stone ring, a classic style that never goes out of fashion. Solitaire engagement rings are simply sophisticated. Solitaire engagement rings can be tailored to your unique taste with different diamond shapes and personalised settings. The solitaire engagement ring continues to be the most popular engagement ring design we create.

Search our gallery for the best solitaire engagement rings in Adelaide, or customise a design of your choice with the help of our jewellery designers.


What is the Best Solitaire Engagement Ring Design?

Solitaire engagement rings look amazing with bezel, corner cap, tension, or half bezel settings but the best solitaire engagement rings have claw settings. Claw settings allow the light to enter your diamond, adding brilliance and sparkle. 

Choose between a six-claw setting for visual symmetry or a four-claw setting for a lighter look. 

Some elegant choices in solitaire rings can include:

  • Bezel-set: The bezel setting is a continuous rim of gold that gently covers your diamond’s outer edge. It frames your solitaire with a sleek border and protects your diamond from hard knocks. The benefit of a bezel setting is it doesn’t catch on clothing as a claw setting may do. If you are looking for a hard-wearing style with longevity, consider a bezel set solitaire engagement ring
  • Semi bezel: Similar to the full bezel setting, the semi bezel setting has a rim of gold covering the edge of your diamond but only partially, leaving some of the edges exposed. This style allows a lighter look while still offering the protection of the bezel setting. Semi bezel settings are often used to protect the protruding parts of a fancy cut diamond, like the emerald cut or marquise cut, with the middle part of the stone left open to the light.
  • Corner cap setting: The corner cap setting is the marriage of claw and bezel settings. Designed to protect the corners of fancy cut diamonds, it works perfectly with princess cut, emerald cut, pear cut or marquise cut diamonds. Like bezel settings, this style will ensure your diamond is protected but with a minimal gold when viewed from the top. The claw of the setting is a slightly thicker square tab shape, gently folded over the precious corners of your diamond. The finished result appears like a V shape from the top view.
  • Tension setting: The tension setting holds the diamond between two parts of the ring by compression, giving the illusion that the diamond is floating. Although it may look delicate, it is very secure due to the pressure exerted on the setting, and a hidden bearing beneath. This sleek design is perfect for a contemporary look while allowing light into the diamond from all angles.

Because we handcraft custom solitaire engagement rings to your personal preferences, you can create your own unique design.

FAQs about Solitaire Rings for an Engagement Ring

Q1. Is the solitaire a good engagement ring?

Yes, a solitaire is the perfect ring if you prefer a simple single stone design that never goes out of fashion. A solitaire engagement ring showcases your diamond because it truly is the star of the show. The classic design of a solitaire engagement ring is elegantly timeless and perfect to pair with your wedding ring. Stylish and sophisticated, a solitaire engagement ring suits every hand size and shape. 

Q2. How much will a good solitaire engagement ring cost?

According to a recent Q-Report blog, the average amount spent on an engagement ring can range between $5,000 to $15,000 in Australia. However, many factors change the price of diamond solitaire engagement ring designs.

Firstly, the 4 C’s – carat size, colour, clarity, and the diamond’s cut. The precious metal you choose for your ring. Your desired diamond shape and proportions. 

We recommend you select the highest graded diamond to suit your budget, as inclusions, colour and scintillation are on display with a single stone ring.

Browse our ultimate diamond buying guide for everything you need to know about how to choose a diamond.

Q3. Can we add a halo to a solitaire engagement ring?

Yes, you can add a halo to a solitaire engagement ring design. Adding a halo of smaller accent diamonds  around your centre diamond will give the overall appearance of a larger setting without spending more money on a larger single diamond. A halo also adds a beautiful sparkle to your ring, as each facet on every diamond will catch the light. Halo designs can enhance your ring subtly, or add larger accent diamonds for a dramatic and dazzling look.

Q4. What does solitaire mean in jewellery? 

‘Solitaire; simply means a single stone set into jewellery. Solitaire engagement rings therefore feature one stone only as the shining centrepiece of the ring. Solitaire originates from the Latin word ‘Solitarius’, which translates to ‘solitary’.

Q5. What wedding band goes with a solitaire? 

You can choose a simple, understated plain band to draw focus to the engagement ring. A classic gold band is a popular choice to complement engagement rings with fancy cut diamonds. For example, oval cut, marquise cut, emerald cut and pear cut diamond shapes tend to protrude wider than the engagement ring and cover the wedding band partially. Choosing a gold band works well in this instance.

Claw set diamond wedding rings are wonderful with claw set brilliant cut diamond solitaire engagement rings. Adding a straight row of smaller brilliant cut diamonds across the wedding band accentuates the sparkle of your brilliant cut diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Princess cut diamond solitaire rings look best with channel set princess cut wedding rings. The modern square edges of the channel setting pair perfectly with the shape of the princess cut diamond.

If your solitaire engagement ring has a low profile and the setting is wider than the band, a beautifully crafted fitted or curved wedding band is a perfect choice. The curve of the wedding ring will match the shape of your engagement ring for a continuous fit across the setting.

Whether you prefer a touch of sparkle or a clean, classic band, Solitaire engagement rings pair perfectly with any wedding band design you love.

How to Best Complement your Engagement Ring with a Wedding Band

The beauty of our custom-made solitaire engagement rings is that we can handcraft a wedding band of your choice to fit perfectly next to your engagement ring. We ensure the setting is made to precise dimensions to allow the wedding ring and engagement ring to align perfectly. 

Consider a wedding set when deciding on your engagement ring. Suppose you want your wedding ring to sit firmly against the engagement ring, with no gap. In this case, the setting height of your solitaire engagement ring will need to allow for your chosen ring to fit underneath, especially if you choose a large centre diamond or setting style. 

A common mistake we often witness during the wedding band selection process is that the engagement ring has a setting that prevents the band from sitting snug against it. The wedding ring style is important to consider while designing your perfect solitaire engagement ring. Try on different wedding ring styles to help visualise the final result. Your wedding set should be a match made in heaven.

Customer stories on Unique Solitaire Rings from the Bell & Brunt Studio

While searching for the best solitaire engagement ring Australia has to offer, customers have reached out to our team from across the country. Read what they said about their experience creating their perfect ring:

  • Harrison Ellis & Chelsea:

“​​ I am so glad I went with Bell and Brunt to design and create the perfect engagement ring for my fiancé. The process was very smooth and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.” 

  • Peter & Chelsea

While searching for the best solitaire engagement rings in Adelaide, Peter reached out to Bell & Brunt. He coordinated with our jewellers online during the lockdown and we were able to help him through our online consultation. We got to know Peter and what his vision was for Chelsea’s ring. We looked at different style options and hand sketched his ideas for him to feel confident it was the right design. 

Then we guided Peter through some diamond education so he felt confident in his diamond knowledge. We created a selection of diamonds just for him, and on screen, we were able to show him videos of each diamond for him to pick the ideal one. Peter shared some images of Chelsea with us so we could get her finger size right. And we did the whole process via Zoom.  It was a perfect surprise. She absolutely loved the ring, it fit, and of course, she said ‘Yes!’

Our custom solitaire engagement rings process had many couples take the ring-making journey with us. Here is what Ainslie has to say about her unique engagement ring:

“Rex and I would like to thank everyone at Bell and Brunt who helped and guided us to pick the perfect engagement rings! I still look at them every day and LOVE them as much as I did when I first got them.”

Since 1920, we have been the premium custom jeweller of choice for Australia. When customers come to us for a handcrafted solitaire engagement ring, our team of experts help guide them to their perfect design. 

Meet our Experts of the Solitaire Engagement Ring

Need more assistance with your decision? Our highly trained team of qualified jewellery designers, gemmologists and design consultants are here to help. Click here to view our team bios.

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