• HANDMADEFrom consultation to creation, our master jewellers and designers work with you to create a piece that conveys your story and legacy.

  • engagement ringsWe genuinely care about you and create your engagement ring with care, precision, and attention to detail.

  • wedding ringsOur wedding rings express the true depth of your love and uniquely reflect the personality and style of your loved one.

  • 104 YEAR LEGACYWe are the only women-owned and run jeweller in Australia, with a legacy that’s over a century old, still in the same family, designing and creating everything by hand.

  • HIGH JEWELLERYFrom our elegant designs to our refined selection of stones, we strive to create jewellery that exudes timeless beauty.


At Bell & Brunt, we believe that some moments in life transcend ‘off the shelf’ jewellery. When you choose Bell & Brunt, it’s as much about the jeweller artistry as it is about the exquisite piece of original jewellery we create for you. From sketching the initial design to crafting each piece of jewellery – it’s our personalised handmade touch that makes all the difference.
We enable you to turn your creative ideas into exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces, weaving your unique story and meaning into every creation We elevate the significance of every moment by delivering the best of the best in handcrafted design, providing a unique experience that only Bell & Brunt know how to deliver.
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