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Our premium wedding rings are handmade for the perfect fit.  

Wedding Rings

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Customised wedding rings

Whether you want to compliment your engagement ring or have matching wedding ring designs, entrust our master jewellers in Adelaide to handcraft you a world-class wedding ring.

Exclusively Designed & Handmade by Masters

While the design and style of wedding rings have become modern over the years, the tradition and symbolism are as strong as they have ever been. We endeavour to personify your infinite love for your partner into a perfect wedding ring encapsulating your unique story. 

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Capture your story in a handmade wedding ring

A Bell & Brunt customised wedding ring captures your special memories in a handcrafted piece carefully crafted by artisans. It’s a ring that is unique and one of a kind, and shines with the best diamonds, as we only select 5 per cent of the diamonds we view from our suppliers. 

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Our unique wedding ring design process

Our custom wedding ring design process is simple, easy and effortless.

  1. You are the centre of your wedding ring-making process. So, we ensure that we get to know you first to understand your preferences.
  2. Your lifestyle, profession and daily activities are integral to our metal & style selection process. We advise the metal, stone or setting for your ring accordingly.
  3. Once all these are finalised, our expert jewellery designers sketch your wedding ring design by hand to scale so that you can visualise the look of your precious ring.
  4. From there, it goes to the jeweller’s bench for making until it is finished for you to try on. 

In short, we go through the following stages while designing & creating a personalised wedding ring: 

  • We get to know you & your partner’s preferences in wedding ring designs by exploring various ring styles with you.
  • Selecting the diamonds or gemstones that you prefer, or a ring setting that works best for you. 
  • Collaborating with our jewellery designer to sketch the final ring design to scale so that you can visualise every element. 
  • Our jewellers make the ring by hand using freshly forged gold or platinum bars, and the diamond or gemstone you’ve finalised.
  • Your ring gets handcrafted at our workshop, it goes through stringent quality control and then you come to try it on for the perfect fit. 

We offer no-obligation zoom consultations to address your queries if you cannot come to our jewellery studio in Adelaide.

Why should you get a customised wedding ring?

We understand that for women, wedding rings are more than just sealing their commitment with a sparkle. The ring must be in harmony with the engagement ring. That’s why we create handmade wedding rings to perfectly match, shape around, or simply complement your engagement ring, even if you choose a different style.

We use freshly forged bars of gold & platinum so that your ring lasts you a lifetime. From your diamond or gemstone, metal preference or fit, we custom design the ring to your specifications. 

If you are looking for the perfect metal to pick for your wedding ring, perhaps our expert article on white gold vs platinum can help you. 

Should men’s wedding rings be customised?

Yes, indeed. A man’s lifestyle determines his choice of wedding band. Most men look for longevity, durability and comfort in their wedding bands. Whether they pick a white gold band, a platinum wedding band or a diamond-encrusted wedding ring, the way the ring is made will determine its wear & tear over a longer period of time. 

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Can you design a wedding band for me & my partner?

Yes, we are a manufacturing jeweller with over 100 years of experience in handcrafting wedding rings. From classic white and yellow gold to platinum, we’ve crafted custom wedding rings of every metal type.

We are one of the oldest diamond jewellery stores in Adelaide, we have a range of diamonds and coloured stones to complement any kind of wedding ring style you may desire. 

We also offer various types of finishes like brushed, polished, cross-hatched and more for men’s wedding bands. If you like to engrave your wedding band or have your partner’s fingerprint on it, we can offer that service as well. The design & style options are unlimited with us. 


Why choose Bell & Brunt handcrafted wedding rings?

  • 102-year expertise: Classic and timeless, modern and contemporary, two-tone or vintage, name it, and our master jewellers in Adelaide will hand carve it for you. Our team of expert jewellers & jewellery designers have been creating wedding rings since 1920. 
  • Endless design options: With our creative experts, your options are limitless. If you desire identical wedding bands, want them engraved or with a fingerprint inside to personalise them, we can do it for you. If you want us to hand-sketch your dream ring, our experts can do it for you. Also, we can remodel an heirloom to preserve its sentimental value while giving you a modern and contemporary design. 
  • Quality is our priority: We keep durability, substance, finish and fit a priority in our men’s wedding bands. At the same time, we ensure that wedding rings for women complement the engagement ring. We use freshly forged bars of gold, only premium quality diamonds and gemstones, and we like to educate you about the jewellery-making process. Our focus is to handcraft a wedding ring that is not just beautiful, but that can be passed on from generation to generation. 

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