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Wedding Rings for Women

Wedding Rings for Women

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Custom designed wedding rings for women

Create a wedding band that is an epitome of beauty and rarity. At Bell & Brunt, our team collaborates with you on your design and tailors every element to your taste and preference. Our experts work closely with you to design your unique custom wedding ring that will perfectly complement your engagement ring.


Benefits of customising your wedding ring

Ideally, the perfect wedding band will be one that sits in harmony with your engagement ring. 

  1. You can match colour & clarity to your engagement ring diamond:  Designing a custom ring gives you the freedom of choice where you can select the diamond of same colour and clarity as your engagement ring. In such a wedding ring set, the diamonds will exude similar sparkle and not undermine the beauty of each other.  
  2. Choosing the metal of your preference is easy: We recommend selecting the wedding ring of same carat gold as your engagement ring. It helps in sustaining the rings for a long period of time. If you pick a 9ct gold band with an 18ct engagement ring, the 9ct will wear against the 18ct and won’t last very long. 
  3. You can have the gemstone of choice in the wedding band: Whether you’ve a sentimental loose gemstone that you’ve inherited, or you like to get your birthstone or your partner’s birthstone in the wedding band, a bespoke design allows you to bring your ideas to life. You can view all the diamonds and gemstones, and can get the wedding ring hand-sketched to scale for visualising your dream ring. 
  4. Creating a unique wedding ring design: When you collaborate with a jewellery designer, you can explore various styles for your dream wedding ring. You don’t have to select from a limited number of styles available, as is the case with a retail cast jeweller. When we design a ring, we endeavour to make custom easy. 

Check out our DESIGN PROCESS for details. 

5 Tips to personalise women’s wedding rings

  • When planning to create a custom ring, explore some ring designs online, social media or in magazines. It will give you an idea of the style you would want to create for yourself. 
  • Look for elements that suit your style and stand out to you. If you don’t know how to get started, reach out to our experts to help you through this journey and offer you the best guidance. 


  • A quintessential classic is a channel set diamond wedding band. You can make it unique by choosing a fancy shape diamond or gemstone. Other wedding ring styles include a bead set ring, pressure set diamonds in a band or even a spectacular vee-claw setting. 
  • Collaborate with a jewellery designer to bring your ideas & dreams to life. Our experts love to educate you on diamonds, ring styles, and design options. Request time with them to get started. 


How we customise wedding rings for women

You may have questions about getting custom rings made. How does the process work? Do we get reference designs to choose from? What if it is more expensive than the intended amount of money you decided to spend on the ring? 

These are all logical questions, and we have the answers for you to put your mind at ease before you consider designing the custom wedding ring of your dreams. 


Your journey begins with your personalised jewellery consultant who understands your style, taste and preferences. You are shown a variety of ring designs, loose diamonds and gemstones before our designer starts sketching your customised ring. Once you finalise the design, it goes to our qualified jeweller’s bench to get handmade to perfection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are custom wedding rings more expensive than pre-made rings? 

A. A simple answer is yes. Custom rings can be an expensive investment at the beginning however they are made to last for decades. You will not spend on the maintenance as much as you do on pre-made or retail rings. Custom & handmade rings are durable to hand down to generations.  

Q. Which metal is ideal for women’s wedding rings? 

A. 18ct gold in any colour is an excellent choice of metal for wedding rings. It has high purity of gold which means it is more resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. Most diamond engagement rings are designed in 18ct and it is best to have the wedding ring made in the same carat as engagement ring.  

Q. How do I get a wedding band to complement my engagement ring?

A. Know the metal, colour, and gemstone quality of your engagement ring and try to match the same in your wedding ring. You don’t want either ring to wear out the other. Also, you would want to wear them as standalone so don’t compromise on quality. For perfect fit, it is best to design a custom wedding ring to make it sit perfectly with your engagement ring. 

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