Wedding Rings for Men

Wedding Rings for Men

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Customised Wedding Rings for Men

At Bell and Brunt, our artisans create personalised handmade wedding rings that don’t only look stunning but are carefully crafted as per your lifestyle. Our handmade rings are extremely durable and last long as compared to any off-the-shelf ring you’d purchase from a retail store.  

Know about our WEDDING RING CREATION PROCESS to know how we make customising a wedding ring super easy. 

Our jewellery designers collaborate closely with you to know your perfect design, metal choice, gemstone or diamond preference. You explore the options with our expert team who also hand sketches your final design to scale. We like to know you to offer the best advice for men’s wedding rings in Adelaide. 

Read our WEDDING RING GUIDE for detailed information on white gold vs platinum, price of a wedding ring in Adelaide and other buying tips. 

Expertly Handcrafted Customized Rings For Men

You wouldn’t want to spend days searching for a ring that doesn’t fit your preferences or lifestyle. You would rather put equal effort into creating a personalised ring that you can  appreciate and wear every day? 

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for anything less than you desire when it comes to men’s diamond wedding rings, especially when our expert artisans are here to help you. At Bell & Brunt, you have access to a personalised selection of gemstones and diamonds from around the world. Our award winning team has spent 103 years perfecting their craft to create the most desirable handmade pieces of jewellery. We can make your dream design a reality. 


Unique Men’s Ring Styles 

Men’s wedding rings were mostly confined to simple bands of gold and silver with a precious gemstone in the centre until a few years ago. But now, we see a variety of designs in men’s rings much like women’s engagement rings. 

  • Finishes in wedding bands: you can choose from classic round and polished bands, hammered, crosshatch or satin finish, concave style wedding bands, and more. Our team can design and handcraft any style of men’s gold wedding rings for you. 
  • Dual-tone wedding bands: These are are very popular. Some men prefer to have a rose gold round band with white gold around the edge, others like a flat band white gold center with yellow or rose gold grooves on the edges. Vertical grooves in the center of the band is another style option. 
  • Diamond in men’s rings: In terms of diamond, men usually go for a classic round brilliant solitaire in the center. Some prefer princess cut diamonds too. Gemstones are also very popular especially emerald or sapphires. 

If you prefer a particular carat or cut of diamond, or desire a gemstone, you can select the loose stone from our huge inventory when creating a wedding band with us. We can also source your choice of diamond or gemstone from our suppliers in Paris, Belgium and a wide network of miners worldwide. 


Matching Wedding Ring to your partner

If you want a ring that complements your partner’s ring, we create matching wedding ring sets for couples too. We know how partners love to wear the same design in wedding rings. Our jewellery experts have been successfully offering engagement ring advice and recommendations for couples and have created timeless pieces of love. 

Keeping in mind individual style, personality, and looking at you and your partner together, we help you select a ring that both you and your partner would love. So if you’re looking for men’s wedding rings in Adelaide, look no further.


How much should a men’s wedding ring cost?

The average cost of a custom made men’s wedding ring in Adelaide is between $2,000 and $6,000, but the price can vary significantly based on the diamond or gemstone you choose for  the wedding band.

What rings do men wear when married?

Men’s wedding rings come in all metal styles and designs. From white gold, yellow gold and plain platinum bands to satin or hammered finish bands, men pick their ring as per their individual style. Dual tone wedding bands are also very popular. Many men also prefer to have a solitaire diamond as the center stone while others like to get a gemstone in their wedding ring. 

Should one buy men’s wedding rings in Adelaide online or from a store?

It is always recommended that you visit the jewellery store while purchasing your wedding ring. Speaking to experts face-to-face gives you a better idea about your best options. It helps you to make an informed decision. If you cannot physically speak to a jeweller, BOOK A ZOOM CONSULT online to gain knowledge before buying your wedding ring. 

We wouldn’t recommend online purchases because there is a high possibility that what you see is not what you might get. There can be a problem with quality of the metal and certification of any diamond or gemstone. 

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