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Jewellery Services

Breathe new life into your most treasured pieces of jewellery.
We offer remodelling, care, valuations and more to support your style needs.

 Bell & Brunt started its journey offering jewellery repair services in Adelaide almost 102 years ago. We care for your jewellery piece and understand the emotions attached to your heirloom pieces. As generational jewellers, we are trusted by families across Australia for their jewellery care & making needs.

Custom Rings & Jewellery

Our team combines world-class artistry and expertise with your style and vision to create a piece that reflects that collaboration. Our in-studio design consultants have an innate ability to capture feelings in the jewellery they design alongside you making your handcrafted piece one of a kind.

Loose diamonds & gemstones

Our diamond experts and in-studio gemologist provide all the education and tools you need to make your own decision around the perfect stone for you. We have a hand-selected range of loose diamonds and gemstones of all different shapes in the studio and have access to thousands more for you to view within a day.

cheri brunt looking at a diamond from loop

Jewellery remodelling

Our design consultants can assist you in designing something new and exciting with a combination of your worn, unused, old jewellery or if your sentimental piece of jewellery is worn, our jewellers can remake your ring exactly as new.

Repair, Resizing & ring cutting

As Adelaide’s jewellery repair specialists, our jewellery team are able to repair or restore your jewellery that is broken or heavily worn. From band breaks to re-tipping your claws on your diamonds to ensure their safety.  The team are also able to resize your rings either up or down. We also cut and remove your ring expertly to minimise damage & discomfort.

ring size checking tool

Rhodium Plating

We provide a two-hour turnaround service of rhodium plating your jewellery.  Rhodium plating is shiny white electroplating that is used on white coloured jewellery to make it look brand new and also provides a surface that helps to protect your ring from scratches.  Your ring will get a full service of removing scratches prior to the coating and you will end up with a ring that looks brand new.

Jewellery Engraving

Add a personal touch to a piece of jewellery for a loved one with an engraved message to create a lasting memory. Make your mark with a personalised message or significant date etched into your piece to make your gift even more meaningful. Our consultants will help inspire you with advice from years of industry knowledge to make your message count.

jewellery engraving

Gemstone Identification

Our Gem Experts understand the variants of colour, clarity, reflective index and specific gravity included in each stone, making the process of identification an artform. Our team will study every miniscule detail of the structure to identify the type of gemstone included in your piece and provide you with clarity and peace of mind.

Jewellery Valuation

Our valuation service will keep your jewellery up to date with its latest value to ensure your jewellery is insured for the correct amount.  Other valuation services like estate estimating, stone verification, antique identification and divorce division are also available.  

Cleaning & polishing - jewellery piece, diamond, gemstone

All Bell & Brunt jewellery comes with free cleaning and polishing for life and this service only takes a few minutes while you wait.  We do offer this service for all other jewellery at a small fee.  We also have gemstone and diamond cutters available for recutting and polishing your stones to ensure they look perfect.

Maintenance assessment

Our jewellers are always on hand to assess your jewellery for any maintenance that may be required.  Jewellery does wear over time, so to ensure the safety of your stones and jewellery it is best to get them regularly checked for any maintenance that may need to be done to keep them safe.

jeweller holding gold flower ring

Jewellery Assessment

Our assessments can determine valuation, necessary repair,  in-depth description of product and much more. We take a rigorous approach to conducting a full analysis of value with a wholistic approach to the assessment by including the extent of our team to utilise our skills to deliver thorough result.

Jewellery insurance

We offer jewellery insurance through Q-report.  This can be purchased at the time of your jewellery being collected and ensures your jewellery is covered the minute you walk out the door.  Q-report is the only insurer that provides jewellery insurance independent of your house and contents.

jeweller checking the diamond

Insurance Assesment

Jewellery holds both significant sentimental and personal value, so it is incredibly important to ensure that you are properly insured. Our team will combine our assessment and insurance knowledge to provide an description and valuation for your piece. 

Pearl & Bead Rethreading

Our talented team also offers pearl and bead rethreading either straight or knotted. This service is offered with either a new pearl clasp or your existing one.  It is wise to get your pearls checked as the thread can wear over time.

pearl rethreading

Interstate Delivery

We offer interstate delivery for our interstate customers.  Whether you’re in-studio to design something that you’d like delivered or book a custom creation via our online consultations or via phone and email or have posted us jewellery to repair or remake, we can safely deliver your jewellery back to you.

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