Reimagining Sentiment: The Magic of Jewellery Remodelling

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We’ve all been there – that cherished piece of jewellery tucked away in a drawer, holding memories of years gone by but struggling to keep up with today’s styles. But worry not, because we’re about to introduce you to a transformative journey that will breathe new life into your old, beloved pieces. Welcome to the world of jewellery remodelling, where innovation meets sentimentality, and old pieces get a stunning modern makeover.

The Journey of Transformation: Embrace the new, Honour the Old 

Remember that heirloom necklace your grandmother passed down to you? Or perhaps the engagement ring that holds a special place in your heart? These pieces hold immense sentimental value, yet they might not align with your current taste. That’s where jewellery remodelling shines. It’s the process of taking your existing jewellery – be it rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets – and giving it a fresh, contemporary look while preserving the emotional connection you have with them.

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At Bell & Brunt Jewellers right here in the heart of Adelaide, we understand the delicate balance between tradition and modern aesthetics. Our expert jewellers are masters at reimagining old pieces, breathing new life into them, and making them not just wearable, but show-stopping fashion statements.

The Bell & Brunt Approach: From Old to Bold

So, how exactly does the jewellery remodelling process work at Bell & Brunt? Our team follows a meticulous approach that ensures your jewellery transformation is nothing short of a masterpiece.

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  • Personal consultation: The process begins with you. You book a consultation with our skilled designers to discuss your vision, style preferences, and the story behind your piece. What do you envision for your revamped jewellery? Your imagination sets the stage. It could be turning earrings into a pendant, combining different pieces into a unique bracelet, or even transforming a brooch into a statement necklace. Have you been given the gift of grandma’s engagement ring to create your own new symbol of love? Transforming an heirloom engagement ring into a new masterpiece is a beautiful way to honour tradition while embracing the present.
  • Creative Revival: Our design experts take your ideas and blend them with their creativity, formulating multiple design options that breathe new life into your jewellery. The aim is to strike the balance between retaining the sentimental essence and infusing a modern twist. Remodelling old jewellery means you can incorporate contemporary design elements. A classic old-cut diamond from an antique ring could be the centrepiece of a modern, sleek design. By blending tradition with innovation, you create a timeless and on-trend piece.
  • Material Assessment: Stones, metals, and other components from your old jewellery are carefully evaluated and prepared for transformation. Quality and condition are paramount when assessing gemstones for a jewellery remodelling project. A jeweller’s loupe is used to check for chips, cracks, and wear – to guarantee their structural integrity and seamless integration into the new design.
  • Ethical Practices: At Bell & Brunt, ethical practices are our priorities. For over a 100 years, our customers have entrusted us with their precious stones, and we ensure we keep them with care while redesigning your piece.
  • Masterful Craftsmanship: Once you’re thrilled with the design, our skilled craftsmen get to work. They meticulously work on every detail, transforming your old piece into a stunning embodiment of sophistication and style.
  • The Unveiling: The moment you’ve been waiting for! We present you with your newly remodelled jewellery piece – a blend of cherished memories and contemporary allure.
Get ready to create new memories with your revamped jewellery - reach out to us today!

Why Choose Bell & Brunt for Your Jewellery Remodelling Needs?

We get it – entrusting your precious jewellery to someone for a makeover requires trust and expertise. Here’s why Bell & Brunt should be your go-to choice:

  • Expertise: With decades of experience, our jewellers are true artisans who understand the intricacies of jewellery, design, and craftsmanship.
  • Customisation: Your vision guides us. We’re committed to creating a piece that reason with your style and captures the essence of the original jewellery.
  • Emotional Value: We know that every piece tells a story. Our craftsmen respect that, ensuring that the emotional value of your jewellery remains intact while giving it a contemporary twist.
  • Quality Assurance: Quality is non-negotiable. We use the finest materials and only the tested traditional techniques to create jewellery that stands the test of time.
  • Adelaide’s Finest: Since 1920, Bell & Brunt Jewellers has helped over 500,000 Australian care for their jewellery. We are your local haven for jewellery remodelling. We’re committed to serving our community with excellence.

From our jewellers: Q&A on Jewellery Remodelling

Q: How does the choice between yellow gold and white gold impact the jewellery remodelling process?

A: The choice between yellow gold and white gold holds significant importance during jewellery remodelling. Yellow gold’s simpler composition and consistent colour make it the preferred option for smelting and reshaping old pieces.

Q: What potential challenges are associated with using white gold in remodelling?

A: Unlike yellow gold, white gold is created by combining gold with alloy metals like palladium or nickel to achieve its colour. This mixture of metals can result in a higher risk of cracking or breaking during the remodelling process due to these impurities, making yellow gold a more structurally resilient choice.

Jeweler melting gold and remodelling jewelry

Q: How long does the remodelling process usually take?

A: The timeline can depend on the complexity of the design and the jeweller’s workload. Generally, remodelling can take a 4-6 weeks to ensure meticulous craftsmanship.

Q: Is jewellery remodelling an eco-friendly option?

A: Yes, jewellery remodelling is often considered eco-friendly as it reduces the need for new materials and minimises waste. It’s a sustainable way to give new life to existing pieces.

Embark on Your Jewellery Remodelling Journey Today!

The art of remodelling old jewellery into new creations is a testament to the power of transformation and creativity. By breathing new life into old pieces, you’re crafting a unique story that merges the past with the present. Every gem, every setting, and every design choice tells a tale of sentiment, style, and sustainability. Embrace the transformation journey and create jewellery that sparkles with brilliance, memories, and dreams


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