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Hand Engraved Custom Signet Rings


Whether you desire traditional style or modern contemporary designs, our expert team specialise in personalised signet rings.

Custom Made Signet Rings In Adelaide

Signet rings have become more accessible to a broader range of people and are often passed down as family heirlooms. While some people still engrave family crests or initials on their signet rings, others personalise them with unique designs that hold personal meaning.


What is a Signet Ring?

A signet ring is a type of ring that traditionally features a personalised design, crest, emblem, or initials engraved on its flat top surface. The design on the ring, known as a seal or signet, is unique to the wearer and serves as a personal signature or identification mark. 

History of Signet Rings

Signet rings have a long history dating back to ancient times, and were used by individuals to leave their unique mark on documents and letters by creating an impression in melted wax. 

Historically, a signet ring was only associated with noble and influential individuals, such as kings, aristocrats, or high-ranking officials. A gold signet ring was adorned with intricate designs, often including diamonds or gemstones. They were used to authenticate and validate essential documents, and their design often represented the wearer’s family crest, coat of arms, or other significant initials. 

Signet Ring Designs

Often signet ring shapes are oval or round at the top, but square and rectangle signet rings are chosen for a more contemporary style. A men’s signet ring today is more modern, with a polished top and a diamond or gemstone set into the face of the signet ring. A plain gold signet ring is also a sleek choice for an understated look. 


Customise Your Signet Ring 

Engraving is the most common way to customise a signet ring. The engraving can be done by hand or using modern techniques such as laser engraving. When choosing an engraving technique for a signet ring, consider the level of detail you desire, the design style, and the engraver’s expertise. Here are some methods of engraving:

  1. Hand Engraving: Hand engraving is a traditional technique where a highly skilled engraver uses special tools to carve the design directly onto the signet ring. Hand engraving is perfect for intricate details and a personalised touch. It is a time-consuming process that requires immense skill.
  2. Seal Engraving: Seal engraving is a specialised engraving that creates a raised design on the signet ring. The design is typically a family crest or monogram. The engraved design makes a distinctive impression when pressed onto wax.
  3. Relief Engraving: Relief engraving involves creating a three-dimensional effect by carefully hand carving away the surrounding gold to make the design stand out. This technique adds depth to the engraving on a signet ring.
  4. Laser Engraving: This modern technique uses laser technology to etch onto the surface of the signet ring. The method provides a high level of accuracy but is better suited for two-dimensional designs. Laser engraving is often used for precise lettering, sentimental designs like fingerprints, or detailed surface patterns.
  5. Metal Finishes: You can incorporate decorative elements with different metal finishes. Add a hand-tooled brush, cross-hatch, satin or textured finish and elevate the polished signet ring to a unique and personalised design.


Which finger is signet ring worn on?

Signet rings are typically worn on the pinky finger. Some wear it on a different finger, such as the ring or pointer finger, especially if the signet ring is a prominent design. The decision of which finger to wear a signet ring ultimately comes down to personal style, individual comfort, and design preference.

Want to get your own signet ring but unsure about your finger size? Learn about how to measure your finger size at home in our handy guide:


FAQs for Signet Rings Australia

Q1. Do ladies wear signet rings?

Absolutely. While signet rings for men have always been fashionable, women’s signet rings are now surging in popularity due to their customisable design features. Signet rings for women are typically smaller and often engraved with family or a loved one’s initials. Cabochon cut gemstones are also found in signet rings for women in place of the more traditional flat top design.


Q2. Can a signet ring be worn as a wedding ring?

Yes, a signet ring can be worn as a wedding ring, although it is less common than traditional wedding bands. However, some couples personalise their wedding rings by incorporating signet ring elements. A signet ring can be customised to include wedding-related initials or dates or a personal seal that holds significance for the couple.


Q3. How much does a signet ring cost?

Prices can start from a few hundred dollars for a basic gold signet ring to several thousand dollars for higher-end hand carving and designs with precious gemstones. The cost of a signet ring can vary widely depending on several factors, including the precious metals used, the design’s intricacy, the ring’s size, and the jeweller or retailer you purchase it from. 

Retail store signet rings are always cast-made, meaning they are hollow-backed and lightweight. This limits the engraving capabilities and gemstone setting options due to the thin layer of gold on the flat top face.

If you opt for a custom-designed signet ring, the cost will depend on the complexity of the design and the amount of customisation involved. Customising a signet ring requires additional design work, precious metals and labour, which can increase the overall price. Custom-made signet rings are solid and heavier, meaning a signet ring that can be treasured for many generations.


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