Radiant Cut Rings

Radiant Cut Rings

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Handmade Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Custom radiant cut engagement rings are exquisite and unique pieces of jewelry crafted with care and precision by our skilled masters. Our designers and jewellers work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your unique personality.

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Discover Radiant Cut Diamonds: Unveiling Brilliance and Excellence

At Bell & Brunt Jewellers, we believe extraordinary diamonds should be set in exceptional designs. Explore the world of radiant cut diamonds, where brilliance, elegance, and excellence converge to create timeless works of art. With each piece meticulously crafted by our skilled artisans, we present radiant-cut diamond jewellery that epitomises the pinnacle of luxury and style.

What are Radiant Cut Diamonds?

  • Radiant cut diamonds feature a contemporary rectangular shape with clean, clipped corners, offering an ideal blend of geometric precision and romantic elegance.
  • Radiant-cut diamonds typically boast 70 facets, more than many other diamond shapes. The profusion of facets maximises the gem’s ability to capture and reflect light, resulting in unmatched scintillation. 
  • With a harmonious blend of both step-cut and brilliant-cut facets, the radiant-cut diamond creates an enthralling play of light.

Although the radiant cut diamond may appear similar in shape to the emerald cut diamond, the fire and brilliance of this exquisite cut diamond truly sparkle compared to the long, broad flashes of light thrown by the emerald cut diamond. This twinkling light has been likened to heavenly stars, creating a radiant glow that’s truly mesmerising.

Choosing a radiant cut diamond engagement ring

Radiant-cut diamond engagement rings are a striking and popular choice for couples seeking a blend of brilliance, elegance, and individuality in their ring. Here’s why radiant-cut diamond engagement rings are celebrated:

  1. Exceptional Brilliance: Radiant cut diamonds are known for their remarkable brilliance, thanks to their numerous facets that reflect and refract light—this cut’s ability to sparkle and dazzle rivals that of the classic round brilliant cut.
  1. Versatile Shape: The square or rectangular shape with trimmed corners allows for a balanced blend of the traditional and the contemporary. Radiant-cut diamonds adapt seamlessly to various ring styles and settings.
  1. Distinctive Character: Radiant cut diamonds possess a unique character, setting them apart from other diamond shapes. Their combination of straight lines and crisscrossing corners creates an eye-catching and one-of-a-kind appearance.
  1. Durability and Clarity: The radiant cut is known for preserving the diamond’s clarity and colour. Its facet pattern can mask inclusions and imperfections, making it a popular choice for those who value diamond purity.
  1. Customisation Opportunities: Radiant cut diamond engagement rings offer a canvas for customisation. You can choose the metal, setting style, and additional gemstones to create a ring that reflects your style and love story.
  1. Unique Styles: Radiant-cut diamond engagement rings can be incorporated into various designs, from classic solitaires to halo settings, vintage-inspired pieces, and more. This versatility ensures you can find a ring that perfectly matches your preferences.

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