Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher Cut Diamonds

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Handmade Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Custom asscher cut engagement rings are exquisite and unique pieces of jewelry crafted with care and precision by our skilled masters. Our designers and jewellers work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your unique personality.

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  • Asscher Cut Diamonds

    Asscher cut solitaire diamond ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold four claw set asscher cut centre diamond ring with bead set round brilliant cut crossover split band

Curious About Asscher Cut Diamonds? Here’s What You Should Know

Welcome to a world where sophistication meets brilliance, where every facet tells a story of sophisticated elegance. Explore the allure of Asscher cut diamonds – a unique blend of vintage charm and modern appeal. Celebrate your love and mark unforgettable moments with the brilliance of Asscher cut diamonds.

Why Choose Asscher Cut Diamonds?

  • A Captivating Optical Illusion: Asscher cut diamonds’ square shape and meticulously cut stepped facets create a captivating optical illusion, drawing the eye to the centre and showcasing a mesmerising play of light.
  • Inspired by the Art Deco: These diamonds draw inspiration from the Art Deco era, Asscher cut diamonds possess a classic charm that transcends trends with enduring elegance and grace.
  • Uncompromising Clarity: With broad step facets and a high crown, Asscher cut diamonds reveal even the slightest imperfections, ensuring a diamond of exceptional clarity.

Are Asscher Cut Diamonds More Expensive? 

When choosing a diamond, the question of cost often arises. You may wonder if Asscher cut diamonds are more expensive than other cuts. While it is true that the Asscher cut is one of the rarest, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the most expensive.

Quality Matters: The cost of an Asscher cut diamond, like any other diamond, depends on factors such as carat weight, colour, clarity, and cut quality. Asscher cut diamonds can be priced similarly to other fancy cuts when comparing diamonds of the same quality.

Unique Appeal: While traditionally, the 4Cs influence pricing, the unique appeal of the Asscher cut can make it highly sought after. Its vintage charm and timeless simplicity contribute to its desirability.

Customisation Options: Bell & Brunt offers a range of Asscher cut diamonds to suit various budgets. Our customisation options allow you to choose the carat size, setting, and metal type that aligns with your preferences and budget.

Why Invest in an Asscher Cut Diamond?

  • Exceptional Brilliance: Asscher cut diamonds are celebrated for their captivating play of light, displaying phenomenal brilliance and fire.
  • Timeless Elegance: Like the Art Deco era, the Asscher cut is a timeless choice that exudes sophistication and grace that will never go out of style.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re choosing an engagement ring, earrings, or a pendant, the Asscher cut adds a touch of glamour to any piece of jewellery.


What Does the Asscher Cut Diamond Symbolise?

The Asscher cut diamond is more than just a dazzling gemstone; it carries symbolic significance, adding depth and meaning to its beauty. Here are some common symbolisms associated with Asscher cut diamonds:

Enduring Love and Commitment:

  • Symbolism: When used in engagement rings, the Asscher cut represents enduring love and commitment. The square shape and trimmed corners symbolise a stable foundation and a lasting bond between partners.

Artistic Expression:

  • Symbolism: The geometric precision of the Asscher cut is a form of artistic expression. It symbolises the harmony of proportion and balance, reflecting that true beauty lies in well-crafted details.

Capturing Brilliance:

  • Symbolism: The unique faceting of the Asscher cut diamond allows it to capture and reflect light distinctively. This symbolism is often associated with illuminating life’s moments, adding sparkle to one’s journey.

Symbol of Wealth and Luxury:

  • Symbolism: Historically, diamonds, particularly well-cut diamonds, have been associated with wealth and luxury. The Asscher cut embodies a luxurious aesthetic with its precise angles and facets.

Classic and Time-Tested Style:

  • Symbolism: The Asscher cut’s popularity over time symbolises a classic and time-tested style. It is a choice that transcends trends, representing a commitment to enduring beauty rather than fleeting fashion.

Emphasis on Clarity and Transparency:

  • Symbolism: The Asscher cut’s design emphasises clarity due to the precise facet cuts. This symbolises transparency and honesty in a relationship, emphasising the importance of a clear and open connection.

Your Journey with Custom-Designed Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

At Bell & Brunt, we understand that every customer’s journey is unique. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive not only the perfect diamond but an experience that lasts a lifetime. We believe in providing value for your investment. Our Asscher cut diamond jewellery is hand-crafted with precision, ensuring enduring beauty and longevity. Our experienced jewellers, qualified gemologists and friendly design consultants are here to assist.


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