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How To Measure Your Ring Size At Home

You’ve found the perfect ring; how do you find the right size? Here we will show you simple and easy methods for how to measure ring size, even if it is a surprise!

Finding the right size can be tricky, especially if it is for someone else. If you get it wrong, then you are stuck waiting for it to be resized, this certainly can be frustrating! Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, a ring is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Luckily, we have a few ways to take the guesswork out and guide you to the perfect fit.

In this ring size guide you will find:

  • Methods to measure your ring size at home
  • How to find ring size without the person knowing (if it’s a surprise proposal!)
  • Tips to avoid common mistakes when taking ring size at home
  • International & Australian ring sizes

Let’s get started!

Obviously, the most accurate way to measure your finger is to head to a jewellery shop where there are specific jeweller tools to get a precise fit. If you are in Adelaide then you can come to Bell & Brunt jewellery studio at Rundle Mall to get it done for free.

But what if you can’t come to the city? Or, if you are too busy to visit a jewellery shop? Don’t worry! There are ways to find your ring size in the comfort of your home.

1. Paper and Ruler Method

Let’s trace for a tried and true method. If you already have a ring that fits the finger you want to measure, you can use this to work out your size.

Tools needed:

  • Paper
  • Fine tipped pen or pencil (the finer, the better)
  • Ruler

Steps to measure your ring size using paper, pen and ruler:

Step 1. Firstly, lay the ring flat on a piece of paper

Step 2. Next, using a pen or pencil, very gently trace the inside perimeter of the ring. Take it slow to avoid the ring slipping!

Step 3. Then use a ruler to measure the internal diameter of the circle you’ve drawn on the paper. Check the millimetres and match it up with a ring size chart. Or you can simply let the jeweller know the mm of your ring diameter and they will gauge your size.

Pros of paper-ruler ring measurement: You can do this from your couch with available stationery at home.

Cons of the paper-ruler method: It can be tricky if the ring you’ve got has a big centre stone or uneven setting style as the ring won’t sit flat on the paper.

2. String or Floss Method

Another easy way to find your finger size is to use string or even dental floss! Rummage through that junk drawer at home to see what you can find. Just make sure it doesn’t have too much stretch.

Tools needed:

  • String or floss
  • Ruler
  • Marker or pen

Steps to measure your ring size using string/floss, pen and ruler:

Step 1. Carefully wrap the string or dental floss around the finger base.

Step 2. Where the string meets to form a complete circle, mark that area with a marker or pen.

Step 3.  Now, take the ruler and measure the length from the start of the string to the end of your pen mark.

Step 4. Once you have figured out the millimeters, use the Australian ring size chart below to know your size.

Pros of string method for ring size: This method is another way to measure your ring size without leaving the house. You only require basic things easily available at home.

Cons of string or floss ring measurement: If the string or floss is stretchy, you will not get an accurate reading! Also it also can be difficult to wrangle the string around your finger one-handed, if you are trying to measure your dominant hand.

3. Get a plastic ring sizer online

A plastic ring sizing tool is a fairly foolproof and handy ring sizing option. This little plastic ring sizer tape is only a few dollars online and is reusable for sizing any finger. Because who wants to stop at just one ring, right? If you want to get your hands on one, check out Australian Jewellery Supplies.

Basically, this little gadget works just like a cable tie. You feed the tongue into the loop and pull. Once you have a snug fit (not too tight, blue fingers are not in trend!), read the size next to where the arrow is pointing.

Pros of plastic ring sizer: It gives an accurate ring size. You can reuse it for any other finger. The benefit of the rigidity with this device means you can test sliding over the knuckle like a real ring.

Cons of getting the ring sizer: There aren’t any cons except that it is not free like other methods.

How do I find a ring size without them knowing?

  • Try the ring tracing method: You know you want to give that someone special, something special, but don’t want to spoil the surprise? Well, the paper and ruler method listed above is a good way of getting the ring size without getting caught out!
  • Sneak a ring & put it on: You can also find a ring of your partner’s and put it on your finger. Firstly, note where it sits on your finger. Then visit a jewellery consultant for help. Additionally, we do zoom consultations to help men get the engagement rings made right for their partner all the time. And, if your jeweller is qualified, you are sure to get it right. Another way is to borrow the ring without them knowing and showing it to a jeweller for knowing the correct ring measure.
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  • Phone a friend or family: If you’re close with the friends and family of your partner, phone a friend or ask the audience. They might even help you with ring size and even ring design styles. Everyone loves to be part of a surprise, especially a proposal!
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4 common mistakes to avoid while measuring ring size at home

Pen Color Pencil Scissor Ruler Glasses

Although there are certain methods to measure your finger at home, there may be a possibility that you might not get it quite right. Here are some reasons:

1. Consider Finger Fluctuations

Did you know your finger size can change up to two sizes in one day? Physical activity, humidity, hot baths and even big hot meals can make your fingers fluctuate in size. Your fingers will also swell as you slumber during the night, so you will have a different finger size when you roll out of bed.

Tip to avoid getting wrong ring size due to finger fluctuation  – measure your ring size mid-morning or mid-afternoon when your hands are at a normal temperature.

2. Get to know your knuckles

Are your fingers tapered top to bottom, or is there a bump along the way? Fingers grow up with us, and the knuckle is no exception. Likewise hand injuries, arthritis and even pregnancy will change your finger size. Some knuckles are more knobbly than others, so it’s essential to make sure the ring will actually get over the knuckle without being too big; otherwise, it will spin around.

Tip to fit the ring over big knuckles –  If you have more prominent knuckles, it is best to visit a qualified jeweller who can assess whether spacers (tiny rounds of gold) can be added inside the ring to help the fit.

You can also ask us about any ring or knuckle issues here 

3. Know that finger sizes are different on each hand

Random biological fact: your dominant hand is larger than your other hand. For instance, if you are right-handed, the ring finger of the right hand will be bigger than the ring finger on the left.

Tip to get the right finger sizeavoid the common mistake of assuming that finger size on both hands is the same. Measure the hand for which you are getting the ring made.

4. What if you are in between ring sizes?

The difference between each ring size is only 0.8mm of the diameter! This is what can make it tricky when measuring your finger at home. Also, if you are looking at a wider ring design, it can be more restrictive as it takes up more finger space. Luckily, there are half sizes in between each size.

Tip to get the in between finger size right – If in doubt, it’s undoubtedly best to get a professional fitting. A jeweller can fit you with ring sizes in larger widths to help you know what’s right for you. If you have a trusted jewellery shop, visit them. If not, you can ask us for help here

Have you got the ring measurement wrong? Don't worry!

It is hard to judge the fit until the ring is on your finger. Like Goldilocks, we want it just right!

At Bell and Brunt, we certainly strive for your satisfaction. We don’t believe the ring is finished until you are happy with it. If your ring needs adjusting, you can request a quote from us for the ring resizing service.

For all newly made Bell & Brunt rings, we guarantee same day resize service without charging you a cent. Yes, it is absolutely free. But don’t stress if your rings purchased elsewhere, we will happily resize for a small fee.

Letters & Numbers: International & Australian Ring Sizes

Like clothing and shoes, there are different ways different countries measure ring sizes. It can be confusing because you will see numbers and letters for the same thing! In the US, China and Europe, they will use a number system. Additionally, they will use different numbers for each chart.

To measure ring size in Australia, we follow the letter system. We like to keep things simple!

The most common ring sizes for women range between L and P, and for the men, between S and X, but the ring gauge starts at a tiny G and goes over the giant Z!

Here’s a handy guide for converting your measurements from the trace method:

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