Men's Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Men's Rose Gold Wedding Bands

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Men’s Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Our exceptional men’s rose gold rings are crafted by artisans in Bell & Brunt Jewellery Studio. Our men’s rings are the epitome of style and individuality, handcrafted with precision and passion. Whether you’re searching for the perfect wedding band or have a design that you want to create, our team guides you in making your dream ring a reality.


Types of Men’s Rose Gold Ring Styles

Whether you’re drawn to timeless elegance or contemporary trends, there are a range of options that resonate with every individual. 

  1. Classic Bands: Timeless simplicity meets modern elegance with our classic rose gold bands, perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. Choose a rounded profile for a classic and stylish look.
  2. Intricate Designs: Explore designs featuring unique patterns, textures or engravings for a touch of individuality. Using two different textures or finishes also adds to your custom design. Currently a popular choice for a contemporary look, it combines a brushed or matt finish in the centre of the band with a polished bevelled edge.
  3. Celtic Knot Rings: Incorporating Celtic knotwork or other symbolic designs, conveying deeper meaning and cultural significance. Similarly, rings with a twisted or braided design add a sense of complexity and visual interest.
  4. Mokume Gane Rings: A Japanese metalworking technique that creates a wood-grain pattern on the ring, resulting in a unique and artistic appearance.
  5. Russian Wedding Rings: A unique and symbolic wedding ring design consisting of three interlocking bands made of yellow, white, and rose gold. The design symbolises the unity and eternal love shared between a couple, with each band representing a different aspect of their relationship.
  6. Diamond Accent Rings: Rings with small diamonds or other gemstones embedded for added elegance and sophistication.

Ways to Customise Wedding Rings for Men

There are numerous ways to personalise a rose gold wedding ring. From sleek and minimalist designs to bold and intricate patterns, the options are endless. 

  • Engraving: Personalise your wedding ring with meaningful dates, initials, or messages engraved on the inside or outside of the band.
  • Custom Gemstones: Choose from a variety of gemstones to complement the rose gold band and reflect your unique style and personality.
  • Hammered Finish: This design features a textured surface that looks like it has been hammered, adding a rustic and masculine touch.
  • Band Width and Profile: Customise the width and profile of your wedding band to ensure it perfectly matches your individual preferences and lifestyle.
  • Mixed Metals: Incorporate other metals, such as white gold or yellow gold, into your rose gold wedding ring for a striking contrast and personalised touch.


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