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Cluster Engagement Rings

Cluster Engagement Rings

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Handmade Cluster Engagement Rings

Spark your imagination by taking inspiration from our range of engagement ring designs. Our team can assist with customising your choice of ring design to perfectly suit your lifestyle needs.

Speak to our friendly team for your personalised design 

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Cognac style halo engagement ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold claw set brilliant cut cognac diamond ring with round brilliant cut white diamond flower shaped halo and vee claw shoulder diamonds

  • cushion diamond ring
    Cluster Engagement Rings

    Cushion Cut Cluster Diamond Ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold double four claw set cushion cut diamond with bead set round brilliant cut surround ring with millgrain edging, and bead set diamond split shank shoulders with millgrain edging

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Bezel set cushion cut diamond engagement ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold bezel set cushion cut diamond with millgrain edging and B&B unique vee claw set round brilliant cut diamond surround ring with shared claw shoulder diamonds

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Emerald cut diamond cluster ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold cluster ring with bezel set emerald cut diamond centre and round brilliant cut bead set diamond halo with patterned flower shaped bezel surround and shoulder accent with knife edge shank

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Cushion shaped round brilliant cut halo & cluster ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold round brilliant cut diamond cushion shape halo cluster ring with a shared claw shoulder diamonds

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Heart Shape Diamond Cut Halo Ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold heart cut centre diamond with shared claw brilliant cut halo diamond ring

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Marquise Cut Diamond Halo Ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold marquise cut centre diamond with brilliant cut diamond halo ring with shared claw shoulder diamonds

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Oval cut ceylon sapphire and diamond halo ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold claw set oval ceylon sapphire ring with wire basket claw set round brilliant claw set diamond surround and shared claw set shoulder diamonds

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Oval cut diamond halo ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold halo ring featuring a oval cut diamond with shared claw diamond surround

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Oval cut halo style yellow diamond ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold halo cluster ring featuring a fancy yellow oval cut diamond with shared claw diamond halo

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Pear and round brilliant cut cluster diamond ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold cap set pear cut cluster ring with split shared claw round brilliant cut shoulder diamonds

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Pear Cut Morganite and Diamond Cluster Ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold cluster ring featuring a pear cut morganite centre stone and four claw set round brilliant cut diamond halo and shoulder diamonds

What Are The Best Cluster Engagement Rings?

Cluster engagement rings contain an array of smaller diamonds set close together to create a large showpiece. Traditionally, cluster engagement rings were popular to obtain an impressive total carat weight while keeping to a modest budget.

Using smaller diamonds in a cluster setting is more cost-effective than a single diamond of equivalent size. However, this doesn’t mean compromising on quality. We handcraft the best cluster engagement rings in Adelaide using only top quality diamonds that are handset into your choice of precious metal.

From the floral designs of the Georgian period to multitudes of delicate diamonds across a setting, a cluster engagement ring can capture any design that you adore. 

To design your unique cluster diamond ring, chat with our jewellery designers. With a wealth of skill & expertise, our designers can help you with a design suited to your lifestyle & preference. To know about our team, click here

To connect with our design consultants, visit our contact page

Fancy Cluster Ring Designs

Today cluster engagement rings are a statement piece, with abstract designs and fancy-cut diamonds leading a new wave of unique rings in Australia. Some of the best custom engagement rings still offer a nod to their vintage heritage, like our oval and brilliant-cut cluster engagement ring shown here.

You can know more about our custom ring-making process. We get to know you & your preferences to design your one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Bell & Brunt team also likes to educate you about diamonds and metal so that you can make an informed decision.

Modern Cluster Engagement Ring Designs

Custom cluster engagement rings are changing. Modern designs have encapsulated an asymmetrical bold new look, with different diamond shapes grouped together of various sizes. You can hand-select your diamonds for a genuinely unique offering and create a personalised custom cluster engagement ring.

Contemporary designs with avant-garde lines take unique cluster engagement rings to a striking new level. The only limit is your imagination. Keep your cluster ring simple with similarly-shaped diamonds of harmonious sizes, or create an unconventional cluster like our pear cut, oval cut, and cushion cut diamond cluster engagement ring featured here:

Unsure what combination of beautiful shapes and styles are right for you? Discover inspiration in our gallery of cluster ring designs

FAQs Related to Unique Cluster Rings for Engagement

Q.1 Can a cluster ring be an engagement ring?

Yes, especially if you want a one-of-a-kind design. With the meteoric rise of unique and abstract diamond pairings, a cluster engagement ring gives you complete design control while also keeping control of your budget. Selecting smaller diamonds in a cluster setting allows a larger surface area and many more diamond facets for light to reflect, giving incredible sparkle as you wear your ring.

Cluster engagement ring designs are perfect to add a personal touch. Symbolic gemstones are a stunning feature and add a sentimental element. Encapsulate your favourite gemstone colour, birthstones, or diamond shapes to bring special meaning to your cluster engagement ring.

Q2. Are diamond cluster rings tacky?

Not at all. Due to ever-evolving ideas for bespoke engagement ring offerings, a diamond cluster engagement ring can look as gorgeously grand or as modest as you prefer. Gaudy high settings or disproportionate diamonds are a thing of the past.

Our qualified jewellery designers use their highly-trained eye for detail to achieve a beautiful balance and aesthetic. With a combination of your desired design choices and our expert craftsmanship, your custom cluster engagement ring will have a timeless elegance.

Q3. What does a diamond cluster ring mean?

A diamond cluster ring is a collection of smaller diamonds set close together to resemble a larger diamond setting. Designed to appear dramatic while remaining reasonably priced, the cluster ring is perfect for a custom engagement ring design.

First created in the Georgian Era of the 1700s, the classic cluster designs were flower-inspired with a centre diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, like pretty petals. Through the ages artisans added more details like coloured gemstones and various cuts to enhance the cluster engagement ring designs. Today, you can tailor your cluster engagement ring with any shape, size, and stone to showcase your unique style. 

Q4. Are cluster diamond engagement rings worth it?

Yes, from a custom design perspective. As a cluster of smaller diamonds can imitate a larger single solitaire design, you can save a considerable amount of money. Their value lies in their symbolic aesthetic, as you can create an intricate and personalised design. The value of smaller diamonds may be less than a single large stone, but collectively the total diamond weight can be surprisingly substantial. 

Meet Our Experts of Cluster Engagement Ring Designs

In the cluttered world of cluster engagement rings, we are the experts in guiding you to the perfect design. To know about our team of experts, click here.

We are always here to help with any engagement ring enquiries, so reach out to us today.

Bell & Brunt Reviews By Customers On Cluster Diamond & Engagement Rings

Knowing they wanted the best cluster engagement rings in the business, Tracy visited us in our jewellery studio in Adelaide. With our uncompromising quality and hand-making techniques, she couldn’t be happier with her beautiful engagement ring.

Handcrafted cluster engagement rings are what we do best.

Anslie wanted a local business to create their cluster engagement ring in Adelaide. As we make everything in our jewellery workshop in Adelaide, she was able to talk to the jewellery store during her appointment to ensure that the perfect ring was handmade locally with no compromise. 


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