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Customised Gemstone Engagement Rings 

A gemstone engagement ring uses a coloured stone in place of a traditional diamond. This can be a single stone in a solitaire setting, a centre stone with a halo of diamonds, or using a coloured stone with diamonds in a three-stone engagement ring. Coloured gemstone engagement rings have now taken the custom ring journey to new and exciting places. 

Today diamonds are the most well-known engagement ring gemstone. Surprisingly, diamonds only became popular in the 1940s with the acclaimed ‘diamonds are forever’ De Beers marketing campaign. A unique gemstone engagement ring will be your personalised love story with a splash of colour. 

Origins of gemstone engagement rings

Royalty has often used sapphires throughout the centuries to symbolise love, truth, commitment, and fidelity. Before diamonds, vivid royal blue sapphires and rich red rubies were the most desired gemstone engagement rings.

  • In the 13th century, Pope Innocent III mandated a waiting period between betrothal and marriage, creating a mandatory engagement timeframe. Sapphires were worn during this time as it was fabled that the colour would fade or change if the wearer was unfaithful. 
  • During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Brazil and African diamond mines flooded the market, so it was assumed that coloured stones were worth more due to their relative scarcity. As a result, a gemstone engagement ring was a sought after and desired prize.

Endless possibilities with gemstone ring designs

Precious gems have made a strong resurgence with a plethora of gem types available. Whether you love the lush green emerald, the cool tones of aquamarine, the warm romantic morganite or the mysterious spinel, you can create a personalised and unique gemstone engagement ring.

With a beautiful rainbow of colours available and limitless design options, unique gemstone engagement rings are a lovely way to express your style. To know which gemstone will suit you best, you can chat with our expert gemmologist. To connect, click here

We love to create the best gemstone engagement rings in Adelaide, with our qualified gemologists helping to demystify the hidden treasures of the gem world. Our most popular gemstone engagement rings feature sapphires, and aquamarine is always a fan favourite.


Why Sapphires are popular gemstones for rings?

The Sapphire can be found in many different colours and is second on the Mohs hardness scale, making it desirably durable for a custom gemstone engagement ring design. But no matter what colour you are searching for, we are happy to find you the perfect gemstone. 

If you seek a particular kind of sapphire, reach out to us and we will try to arrange it for you.

The Best and Most Unique Gemstone Engagement Rings Designs

With so many options available, the world of wonderful gemstones is a fascinating place. The Mohs hardness scale is the best way to determine if your beloved jewel will withstand a lifetime of wear. The Mohs scale measures the scratch resistance of a mineral. 

Mohs scale’s significance:

For context, glass is 5 on the Mohs scale. Tiny molecules of quartz in everyday dust are 7 on the Mohs scale. That is why dust can scratch glass. The question is what will wear well. We recommend a gemstone with a Mohs hardness of 8 or above to combat everyday wear and tear. 

Sapphire has a Mohs scale of 9, which is second only to diamond, ensuring longevity and durability. Sapphire and ruby are the same chemical family, called corundum. During the formation of the corundum crystal, different elements create the gem’s colour.

Chromium creates the ruby’s rich red tones, separating this beautiful gem from the striking sapphire.Sapphires are commonly known for their various vivid blue tones, from the royal blue of the Ceylon sapphire to the intense, moody blue of the Australian Sapphire. But the sapphire can be found in a rainbow of different colours.

  • Pink sapphire is highly prized for the feminine blush of colour and is a cost-effective alternative to pink diamonds.
  • Yellow sapphires give a warm touch, and you can find a playful combination of yellow, green and blue in naturally formed parti sapphires. 
  • Montana sapphires feature a delightful light teal colour. A spectacular combination blue/green.
  • The padparadscha sapphire, known as the lotus flower, has a rich combination of peach, apricot and pink like its namesake. It also is the rarest sapphire of them all.
  • Purple and violet sapphires add soft cool tones while selecting orange sapphires will add warmth and fire. 
  • Australia has a world-class range of vivid green sapphires, with rich tones reminiscent of our green and gold national colours. Add some national pride to your piece for Australia’s best custom gemstone engagement rings. 

No matter what colour you fall in love with, the corundum family has so much to offer.

Beryl Family Gemstones

Another natural gemstone engagement ring option is the Beryl Family. It is still a viable engagement ring gemstone with a Mohs hardness between 7.5 and 8 but will need more tender loving care than its harder counterparts. 

Emerald: The queen of the beryl family is the luminous emerald, lush and green like a spring garden. In fact, the inclusions found in natural emeralds are sweetly named ‘jardin’, which is French for ‘garden’. 

Aquamarine: The prince of the beryl family is the aquamarine, with ocean tones and tiny inclusions known as ‘rain’. If water elements are symbolic to you, consider adding icy white diamonds with a crisp white gold setting to enhance your pale blue Aquamarine.

Morganite: The princess of the beryl family is the morganite. Found in a feminine mixture of peach, apricot and pink, the pretty morganite has gained popularity in unique gemstone engagement rings. The warm blush works perfectly with vintage-inspired rose gold romantic designs.

Spinel: For a truly unique personalised gemstone engagement ring, consider the little-known spinel. Like most gemstones, spinel is found in a variety of colours. From deep, intense colours to light, sweet pastels, spinel is also the only natural gemstone in intriguing smokey grey colours.

Red spinel and ruby are often mistaken due to the rich red vivid colour they both display. In fact, a significant red spinel features in the imperial state crown as part of the royal crown jewels, masquerading as ruby for centuries. 

Spinel has a hardness score of 8 and is only mined in small quantities worldwide, making it the perfect option for ladies who want genuine uniqueness. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Gemstone Engagement Rings

Q.1 Do gemstones make good engagement rings?

Yes, if you select the right gemstone for your design. As long as you choose a stone with a relatively high Mohs scale score, you can enjoy your unique gemstone engagement ring for many years to come. 

Q2. Are gemstone engagement rings tacky?

Never tacky, a gemstone engagement ring has a richness and versatility that a diamond engagement ring doesn’t. Because you can choose a gem that is personal to you, it is a beautiful sentiment and story to wear with pride.

Q3. What gemstone is usually in an engagement ring?

Precious gemstones like ruby, sapphire and emerald are beloved gemstone engagement ring options, with beautiful semi-precious gemstones like aquamarine, morganite, spinel and topaz leading a modern wave of stunning engagement ring designs. 

Q4. Where to buy gemstone engagement rings?

It is best to ask our experts for a custom-made gemstone engagement ring. At Bell & Brunt in Adelaide, we hand select every gemstone with our qualified gemologists, and our highly trained jewellers can ensure your desired design is fabulous and a secure fit for your lifestyle. Our knowledgeable team can guide you on what gemstones work best for your engagement ring and navigate which design elements will protect them. You can connect with us here

What Customers Say About Bell & Brunt Gemstone Engagement Rings

Georgina Leader: “Feel very privileged to have my engagement ring made by Bell & Brunt and I wear them with such pride XX,” Georgina shared her experience of designing a custom gemstone engagement ring with us.  

Denise: While looking out for a natural gemstone engagement ring in Adelaide, Denise came to look for Emerald ring styles we had in stock. She liked a ring from our collection instantly. We resized it within an hour and the couple got engaged in Bell & Brunt Studio


Expert Designers of Gemstone Engagement Rings in Adelaide

Our team of qualified jewellery designers believe in getting to know you first. Understanding & honouring your love story through your unique ring design is our utmost priority. Then, our master jewellers handcraft your unique pieces in our jewellery workshop, where you can watch your vision come to life. 

To know our team, click here

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