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Halo Engagement Rings

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Custom Halo Engagement Rings in Adelaide

Spark your imagination by taking inspiration from our range of engagement ring designs. Our team can assist with customising your choice of ring design to perfectly suit your lifestyle needs.

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  • Diamond Engagement Rings

    Round Brilliant Cut Halo Engagement Ring

    18ct white gold round brilliant cut diamond halo engagement ring featuring split shank diamond set shoulder design

  • cushion diamond ring
    Cluster Engagement Rings

    Cushion Cut Cluster Diamond Ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold double four claw set cushion cut diamond with bead set round brilliant cut surround ring with millgrain edging, and bead set diamond split shank shoulders with millgrain edging

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Cushion shaped round brilliant cut halo & cluster ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold round brilliant cut diamond cushion shape halo cluster ring with a shared claw shoulder diamonds

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Heart Shape Diamond Cut Halo Ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold heart cut centre diamond with shared claw brilliant cut halo diamond ring

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Marquise Cut Diamond Halo Ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold marquise cut centre diamond with brilliant cut diamond halo ring with shared claw shoulder diamonds

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Oval cut diamond halo ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold halo ring featuring a oval cut diamond with shared claw diamond surround

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Oval cut halo style yellow diamond ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold halo cluster ring featuring a fancy yellow oval cut diamond with shared claw diamond halo

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Pear Cut Morganite and Diamond Cluster Ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold cluster ring featuring a pear cut morganite centre stone and four claw set round brilliant cut diamond halo and shoulder diamonds

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Pear cut diamond halo ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold cap set pear cut with shared claw set brilliant cut diamond halo ring with shared claw set shoulder diamonds

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Pear, Marquise & Brilliant Diamond Cluster Ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold cluster ring with bezel set pear cut centre stone and bezel set with millgrain feature marquise and round brilliant cut diamond surround and bead set with millgrain edged round brilliant cut shoulder diamonds

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Popular oval cut halo style diamond ring

    Hand made 18ct white gold halo ring featuring a oval cut diamond with shared claw round brilliant cut diamond shaped surround

  • Cluster Engagement Rings

    Radiant Cut Halo Ring With Shared Claw Diamond Shoulders

    Hand made 18ct white gold radiant cut diamond with round brilliant cut halo diamond ring with shared claw shoulder diamonds

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings feature a heavenly halo of diamonds to accentuate your centre diamond. Halos enhance solitaire engagement rings to give the appearance of a larger design.

Halo engagement rings and cluster engagement rings may look similar in some instances, but they differ in how they are crafted. A halo engagement ring has a halo plate of precious metal with the diamonds set into this once it has been carved. A cluster engagement ring has a wire basket setting underneath to hold each diamond individually. 

With endless diamond shapes and sizes, halo engagement ring designs are versatile with many alluring options. Discover your perfect combination of beauty and brilliance with the best custom halo engagement rings in Adelaide

What are the Best Halo Engagement Rings Designs?

The best halo engagement ring designs truly complement your centre stone while adding a stunning sparkle. A halo shouldn’t compete with your centre stone; it should elegantly complement your engagement ring design. 

Traditionally a halo design features round brilliant cut diamonds that are claw set or bead set around the larger centre diamond. You can read more about claw settings and bead settings here.

With an increased desire to own custom made engagement rings, modern designs have become more intricate and interesting. You can choose different shapes and designs to customise your own halo engagement rings.

Let’s look at three unique ways to personalise your halo engagement ring:

  • Adding fancy shaped diamonds

Fancy cut diamonds are diamonds of any shape that aren’t a round brilliant cut. With different diamond shapes, your halo engagement ring can have a vintage look or a contemporary style. 

Adding an alternating baguette and princess cut diamond halo around square-edged centre diamonds like the emerald cut or princess cut diamonds will give the perfect modern halo to your design. 

Or adding a scintillating sunburst of tapered baguette diamonds around a brilliant-cut diamond centre lends a beautiful art deco flair. Choosing different yet harmonious diamonds to your centre shape is a wonderful way to create a bespoke design.

  • Natural Coloured Gemstones

With a rainbow of natural gemstones and diamonds available, you are only limited by your imagination. 

Add your favourite coloured gemstone and showcase it with a halo of sparkling diamonds for a custom halo engagement ring with a twist. Royalty has adorned their gemstone engagement rings with diamond halos for generations.

  • Change your Halo shape

Another beautiful design element is how you shape the halo. Simple halo concepts follow the shape of the centre diamond, but you can create different halo shapes with bead set various accent diamonds for an art nouveau design. 

Popular unique halo designs include cushion-shaped, flower-shaped and marquise-shaped halos encircling a round brilliant cut centre. A custom halo engagement ring is tailored to your specific taste. 

Unsure what is the best halo engagement ring design for you? Browse our halo ring gallery for a wide range of halo engagement ring designs.

FAQs about Halo Rings for Engagement Rings

Q1. Are halos on engagement rings tacky?

No. If the proportions are balanced, a halo engagement ring is never tacky. A perfect halo adds a personalised touch to your engagement ring. The beauty of a halo adds a subtle, delicate hint of sparkle with small accent diamonds or add complementary fancy diamond shapes for a bold, dramatic design.

 You can reach out to our friendly team of qualified jewellery designers to discuss your perfect ring design. Read about our easy & simple 4-step custom process here:


Q2. Are Halo engagement rings still popular?

Yes, very popular. Halo engagement rings are still among the top 5 most desired designs, according to Diamond Pro. Almost a century ago, the halo design first made a dazzling debut during the Hollywood glamour period of the 1920s & 30s to represent opulence and eye-catching beauty. An endless desire for art deco design drove a popular resurgence of halo engagement ring designs in the 1960s which is still going strong today.

A halo engagement ring design is a wonderful choice to showcase your style, alluring with timeless romance and personalised to your taste. 

Q3. How much does a halo ring cost?

Simply put, a halo engagement ring design will be cheaper than a solitaire of the same overall size. For instance, a 1-carat solitaire engagement ring will be much more expensive than a halo design with a total diamond weight of 1 carat. The size of your centre stone and your preferred accent diamonds will determine the price.

Q4. How many carats does a halo add?

Depending on your centre stone size, a halo can add roughly 50% more size to the overall total. For example, a 0.50ct solitaire can look close to a 0.75ct when adding a simple halo, while a 1 carat solitaire with a halo can look 1.50ct in size. Personal preferences with halo diamond sizes can dramatically add more carat weight to the total design of your halo engagement ring.

Q5. Are Halos out of style?

Not at all; halo designs have been known for their style for many generations. Look at Princess Kate lovingly wearing Princess Diana’s stunning halo engagement ring decades later. Thanks to a myriad of design choices and personalised touches you can add to a custom halo engagement ring, your ring will never go out of style.

Q6. Is It Costly To Add A Halo To My Engagement Ring Design?

 It is not as expensive as you may think. Depending on how big the diamonds are in the halo, a small delicate halo will only add a few hundred dollars to the overall price tag. Adding a halo to a solitaire design is a cost-effective way to increase the look of the centre stone size. A halo engagement ring gives the visual appearance of being much bigger without spending a fortune on a large centre diamond. 

Read our Customer Testimonials of Halo Engagements Rings:

Our lovely clients deserve only the best halo engagement rings. We don’t want them to settle for ordinary off-the-shelf rings when we can handcraft custom halo engagement rings

Daniel V.

“I wanted to get my engagement ring locally, so when I researched halo engagement rings in Adelaide, Bell & Brunt popped up. I’m so glad it’s local and handmade!”

Sam & Sarah

“We knew we wanted a custom halo engagement ring, so we went to Bell & Brunt and we were delighted with their expertise and help.”

Meet Our Expert Team of Halo Engagement Ring Designers 

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