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We believe that your custom jewellery should not be just exquisite & premium, it should also capture your love story. Our artisans combine their creativity, passion & expertise to bring your dream design to life. At Bell & Brunt Jewellery Studio, your journey begins with your personalised jewellery designer who listens to your ideas and takes into consideration your personal taste & preference. You are at the center of the design process throughout. 

Collaborate on your Custom Design

We show you a variety of styles & settings to begin the journey of customising your unique ring design. Our GAA qualified gemmologist helps you in hand selecting the best quality gemstones. If you desire a specific diamond cut or style, we procure it from our worldwide network of suppliers.

After you feel confident about your diamonds & metal selection, and are comfortable with your ring style & setting, our jewellery designer sketches it to scale to help you visualise your ring design.

Making of your unique handmade jewellery

Every step of your ring making is done by hand. We select freshly forged bars of gold or platinum and roll it in our traditional rolling apparatus. We carefully heat the metal and fastidiously shape it using traditional jewellery making tools. Even when creating a tiny ring claw, we draw down the metal wires by hand. 

Rolling, hammering and compressing premium metals, filing, cutting and soldering, the hands of our master jewellers craft your unique ring to last a lifetime.

Our stringent quality control

Your ring is meticulously finished in our onsite jewellery workshop. The band & its settings are perfectly handcrafted and the gemstones are set.

But, we cannot give it to you just yet. Here enters our experienced quality control experts. Your custom made ring is inspected under 10x magnification, to ensure every angle is precisely proportioned and hand polished to perfection.

View your unique ring

Once your custom made jewellery clears our stringent quality control test, you receive a pick-up notification from your personalised jewellery consultant. It’s time to view your gorgeous custom designed & handmade jewellery piece to ensure it is everything you envisaged.

We have the valuation and diamond certification ready for you, and can assist with jewellery insurance. Your piece is elegantly packaged in a Bell & Brunt box for a perfect surprise and we are happy to gift wrap if you desire.

engagement ring in box

After-care service

We become a part of your dream design through your custom journey, and love to continue this relationship even after you’ve picked up your piece. Especially since every jewellery piece is created for a special meaning or occassion.

Often engagement rings are a surprise, so we offer free ring resizing on your new ring with a quick same day turn around. Also, you enjoy complimentary professional polishing, maintenance & care check services for a lifetime with us.

Our Expert Team

Meet our experienced jewellery designers, gemologists, design consultants and content creators.

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