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Diamond and gold markets fluctuate regularly, which is why we recommend you to get your jewellery valuations done every few years. Bell & Brunt jewellers offer jewellery valuations in Adelaide for insurance purposes, investment & other settlements. 


If you’ve inherited some heirloom pieces or maybe looking to sell old pieces that you no longer wear,  an updated jewellery valuation will give you a current retail replacement value to help you understand what your jewellery is worth. 

What is a Jewellery Valuation?

A professional jewellery valuation is a document that includes an accurate description of each jewellery piece. This includes the weight, colour and clarity of your diamonds or gemstones and descriptions, weights and measurements of any precious metals. An image of your jewellery is also included in the valuation certificate most times. It provides a full description of the item, and it’s current retail replacement value at the time of valuation.

What is a Jewellery Valuation

Why do you need jewellery valuations?

Insurance companies require updated valuations of your jewellery every few years. If your precious jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged, a valuation will help provide the details you need to obtain a replacement. You may be surprised at how much your initial investment has increased over time.  

With the prices of diamonds and gold changing, it is wise to get an updated valuation every few years to ensure your jewellery is insured to its full replacement value at the time of a claim. As always, check with your insurance company to see what your particular policy requirements are. 

Valuations are also a great way to understand what your jewellery piece is worth in the market, if you are thinking of selling unwanted jewellery or you have inherited any of the family jewels. Because a valuer is also a qualified gemmologist, you will also discover what stones are actually set into your jewellery piece, be it natural gemstones or synthetic, as well as their quality grades in the gemstone market.

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Why get a valuation from Bell & Brunt?

We are honest in our dealings and have certified & qualified staff. We work with NCJV (National Council of Jewellery Valuers) registered jewellery valuers, which means your independent valuation certificate will be embossed with the NCJV seal. The NCJV is the highest qualification in the industry. This seal is an independent stamp of credibility for insurance companies and industry organisations across Australia. Therefore you confidently obtain the correct information from these highly qualified professionals.

We’ve witnessed many cases where customers were wrongly valued for their jewellery by some jewellers. We ensure your jewellery valuation is done correctly for your precious items. We believe in doing right by you.

What is the cost of jewellery valuations at Bell & Brunt?

At Bell & Brunt Jewellers, we provide a free Bell & Brunt valuation for your new jewellery piece handcrafted by us. For previous Bell & Brunt jewellery pieces, and you provide your previous valuation, the cost of jewellery valuation is $100 per piece. For jewellery made elsewhere or inherited by you, the cost of jewellery valuation by a registered NCJV valuer is $120. 


How much time does it take to get a valuation?

The valuation process is made simple for you; just visit us at Bell & Brunt jewellery studio in Adelaide and we will catalogue your items. We provide documentation and an indication of the length of time we need your pieces. We normally allow about 1-2 weeks to complete your assessments. However, if you require them urgently, we offer express valuation at an additional cost.

Express jewellery valuations

Our express jewellery valuation service ensures that you get your valuation certificate between 24 to 48 hours. You can give us a call or send us a message if you have to travel or register for insurance and require jewellery to be valued urgently. Alternatively, you can walk-in to our studio in James Place Adelaide and our friendly design consultants can provide a free quote for the express service.

Why do you need to leave your jewellery with us?

As we are a trusted jeweller for generations of jewellery, we produce a large volume of valuations each week. We always endeavour to return your jewellery in the shortest time frame. But chances are when you drop your piece in, we are also valuing a large number of other clients’ pieces. 

How can customers stay assured that their jewellery is safe?

At Bell & Brunt, we enter all your pieces into our software program to record that we received your goods. We also take photos of your jewellery, as you will notice on your receipt. This will give you the peace of mind that we are transparent and mindful of your jewellery.

How often should you get your jewellery valuation done?

According to the Jewellery Association of Australia, it is recommended that jewellery items be valued approximately every 2 years. Your insurance company may request that you keep your valuations up to date. They will provide you with a recommended timeframe if requested.

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