10 Perfect Gifts for Him on Valentine’s Day

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Taking time to find the perfect Valentine’s day gift is just as special as the gift itself. We’ve collated a list of thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him to inspire you. Let’s explore some thoughtful options.

Valentine’s Day Sweets for Your Sweetheart


1. Gourmet Chocolates

Traditional and tasty, who doesn’t love chocolate on the sweetest day of the year? If you are looking for delicious gifts for him that will surely delight, Haigh’s Chocolates are the perfect decadent indulgence. For free online shipping of chocolates across Australia, you can also order a beautiful gift pack from Melbas. And if you are a baker or like to try making chocolates at home, impress him by making some heart-shaped chocolates at home. Get the moulds and cooking chocolate from Coles or Woolies to get started.

heart-shaped chocolates in a box

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men Who Love Cooking

Gifting is easier when you know your partner’s hobbies. When you date a man who loves to throw down in the kitchen, there are tons of thoughtful gifts to get him on special days.

2. BBQ Tools & Grills

If he loves grilling for your guests, then anything BBQ related is a great way to appreciate him. Check out Myers BBQ gift ideas for tools, grills, cookbooks and more. Myers will deliver it within 4-7 business days, but you can also visit their stores.

Barbecue tool set

3. Personalised Cookware/Apron

Adding cool cookware to your home collection adds to the richness of the cooking and dining experience. Zanui has a collection of cutlery sets from premium brands including Williams, Qualy, Gense, and Metal Art.

If you want a unique gift, Collele Designs do a range of customised keepsakes. If you are pressed for time, perhaps you can order a personalised apron from any of the online websites offering this service like Vista Print.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Tech Guy


Gifting a techie requires thoughtfulness. Tech-items can be expensive and the giftees are often choosy with brands and the underlying technology. So here are some options with a difference.

4. A Wooden Dock Station

A place where you can neatly place your daily drivers at the end of the day: wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, watch, and coins. You could buy two of these and personalise them. Woodyoubuy have several customisable designs to pick from. You can also check Officeworks, Amazon or Etsy for finding the dock station of your choice. You may find pocket-friendly valentine’s day gifts for him on these websites.

wooden dock station (image credits – etsy)

5. A Tech Organiser Pouch

If you ask a tech lover what’s in their laptop bag, chances are there are at least 10 different items. It’s a cluttered mess when all these things are laid out on their workstation at home or office. Why not turn that into a Valentine’s Day gift for him?

The BellRoy Tech Kit is a stylish pouch to organise these items on the table. It’s also easy to zip up and carry around, especially for people who keep losing cables and flash drives. You can look for various styles of pouches at Kmart, Target or any local stationery shop around your area.

Valentines Day Gifts for Him If He is a Fitness Pro


If he spends more time in the gym than on the couch, he will appreciate a gift that updates his look or complements his current workout gear. Consider these Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

6. Update his Work Out Wardrobe

No one has enough gym clothes. There’s a running joke among gym goers that more than half of their laundry is always gym wear. Check out these collections from Rebel Sports.

7. A Set of Noise Cancelling Headphones

There are two types of people at the gym: those who train without headphones and those who are always on headphones. Still, both would appreciate the value of a good set of headphones. You can listen to your favourite podcasts, audiobooks, and albums on the go.

This pair of JBL Live headphones from Harvey Norman would be a great Valentine’s day gift for him. He can wear it to the gym or while going for a run.

A guy working out in the gym with headphones on

Valentine’s Day Gift Options for Jewellery Lovers


Ladies love a man who puts in extra effort to look stylish. It’s a bonus when they wear a nice cologne too. If this sounds like your man, complement their style with some jewellery.

8. Bell & Brunt Keepsake Jewellery

If you prefer something closer to heart, you’ll hit out of the park with customised hand engraving. Personalise a beloved piece he already wears, or look at our range for men for different ideas. As you browse our jewellery range, click the ‘Drop A Hint’ button on any item you love and send an easy link to your partner.

9. Wedding Ring Polishing

If you’ve got a romantic date planned and your significant other hasn’t had their ring spruced up in a while, you can bring it to our store at James Place in Rundle Mall for same-day rhodium plating or professional polish.

While at the store, why not create Valentine’s wish list for yourself? We have a great collection of pearls, earrings, rings, chains, necklaces, and much more. It’s the best way to guarantee you will get a gift that you love! Check out some options for Valentine’s day gifts for her

10. Bell & Brunt Gift Card

Still unsure of what your man really wants this year? Why not let him pick something for himself at our store. You can purchase a Bell & Brunt gift card online and take out all the guesswork.

Bell & Brunt Digital Gift Card

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