Types of Engagement Ring Styles and What they Mean

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Engagement rings symbolise love, new beginnings, and happily ever afters. Choosing the right engagement ring style can be challenging – especially because each stone, cut, and metal is different, just like the people wearing them. 

You want your engagement ring to reflect your values and style and make one of the most memorable moments of your life even more special. So picking the right kind is especially important. 

Here’s a short guide on the different styles of engagement rings and what they mean. But before we get to that, let’s know what to do before you go ring shopping. 

Before you go Ring Shopping


Engagement rings are not just about diamonds! Many couples choose from various precious and semi-precious stones, including birthstones.

You should know that ring styles mainly differ depending on the way a stone is set into the ring. The style and metal used for any ring can affect the wearer’s comfort, which is extremely important. Also, some metals are impossible to alter, so getting the size right is essential.

You’ll wear your engagement ring for life, so it has to be just right. Let us look at some engagement ring styles, settings, metals, and what they mean for you.

Which metal is best for Engagement Rings?


Gold and platinum are the most popular choice, but they are not the only metals you can use. Here’s the most commonly chosen metals used in an engagement ring.


By far the most classic choice for both engagement and wedding rings. White, yellow, or rose gold is both traditional and classy. Pure 24-carat gold cannot be used to make jewellery, but you can always opt for 18ct gold rings and pick any design and style you choose. 


Elegant and luxurious but also among the strongest, platinum is a rare metal gaining popularity over the past few decades. An ideal metal for wedding bands, they also make fabulous engagement rings, as diamonds and platinum last a lifetime. That makes a platinum solitaire perfect for expressing your everlasting love.  

Love the look of white gold and platinum, but don’t know what is best for you? Check out our article to help you decide – white gold vs platinum: which metal to pick?


Too soft to stand alone, silver is often mixed with copper to make jewellery. Many standardised alloys like Sterling Silver, which is 92.5% pure silver, are used to make engagement rings. 

Bear in mind, silver scratches and tarnishes very quickly, so better choices exist for an engagement ring and a lifetime of wear.

Now that you know a little about metals, let’s learn about the different engagement ring styles. 

Popular Engagement Ring styles and what they mean

Apart from the choice of metal, the choice of stone and the shape of your engagement ring also define your style and expresses who you are. So here goes –

Classic Claw Settings


If you aim for grace, consider having a single diamond set in a four-claw or six-claw platinum setting. Traditionalist resonate with a solitaire. If you like to add a touch of glamour, select a row of smaller diamonds along the shoulders. 

If symbolism is your thing, you can also have a three-stone set ring that symbolises your past, present, and future life.

Heavenly Halo Designs


Halo settings encircle and highlight a central diamond or gemstone, making it look bigger and brighter, and are also great for visual impact. If you like dazzle in your life, the drama of a halo diamond ring is perfect for you.

Intricate Details & Designs


Would you call yourself a romantic? Then mill-grain, filigree, or scrollwork patterns are for you. These intricately woven designs accentuate your engagement ring’s centrepiece. These designs give a vintage feel, for those old souls and feminine types.

Bold Bezel Settings


One of the most secure settings and beautiful, too, the bezel style is a thin metal band that hugs the stone from all sides and prevents any stones from falling off. This is for the sensible lovers of function and form. This modern, sleek design adds a more contemporary look while protecting your gemstones.

If you are still trying to decide which engagement ring style best suits you, consult our experienced jewellery designers and customise your engagement ring to your unique style.

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