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7 Best Ways to Propose with a Personal Touch

You’ve found the perfect partner, you’ve picked the perfect ring, now to plan the perfect proposal ideas to sweep them off their feet.

We’ve been in the love game for a long time. We have helped generations of nervous lovers create memories and have now created our top 7 best proposal ideas to help you get your “I do” with a personal touch.

Whether you’re looking for low-key proposal ideas at home, or getting out in nature with a beach proposal, let’s look at putting your unique twist on it.

1. Get your pet in the action

They aren’t called “man’s best friend” for no reason! Getting your pet involved can help add to the cuteness and let your dog do the talking if you don’t know what to day.

There have been proposals using a placard saying “will you marry me?” hanging from their dog, and some who got their prized pet picture printed inside a jacket to woo their partner.

Have her favourite flowers and wine ready while your pet gets the message delivered. Because who can say no to puppy eyes, right? 

2. Cook dinner & present a recipe book proposal

This is for those who like to keep a proposal private and at home. Even if your chef’s skills are limited, don’t worry! Everyone loves a meal cooked with love especially if it is their partner who makes the effort.

You can try a simple recipe so that you don’t go too wrong with it or try an elaborate meal to impress her and pave your path to an intimate proposal. 

Prepare a scrapbook with all your special memories & pictures and write the proposal on the last page. Then, once you’ve prepared your delicious dinner, mention you found the recipe in a new book and hand her your personal love story! 

To get help with your scrapbook or photobook, one option is to go to Vistaprint.

3. Plan a treasure hunt

If your partner likes a riddle, this is one of the best proposal ideas for her. If you like to propose to her at home, why not hide clues around the house? Use your partner’s favourite rooms at home, the cutlery they like, garden area where they sit & unwind or other places of personal importance. 

If you want to involve family and friends in your proposal idea, you can go big and book an escape room experience and have the engagement ring as the last clue to ultimate escape. You can check out Adventure rooms if you are in Adelaide to plan it.

4. Get help from Nature's beauty

Nerves can be a huge deal when you finally pluck up the courage, and a great way to reduce stress is being outdoors.

Take a hike in the hills, or a stroll through the streets where you met, and pop the question in a picturesque location. 

If she likes beaches, then a beach proposal is the way to go. Take wine, food and some flowers. Add ons can be endless and you can personalise it depending on what your partner likes. 

5. Arrange a photo shoot surprise

Double down on the surprise by booking you both for a couples photoshoot. Then pop the question as you’re posing up a storm, and capture the moment (while looking your best!). 

There are some amazing proposal photographers in Adelaide like Jade Norwood, Chantelle Renee, Chris Handler and more.


6. Literary Love for a Bookworm

If your partner is an avid reader, buy their favourite book or author and cut out a heart shape inside the pages to hide your ring inside. Then wrap a ribbon around the book and present it as a gift. 

Tip: Just don’t go buying a limited edition first release; you don’t want to spend a fortune on a book you’re going to rip the middle out of. 

You can order the book from online bookstores like booktopia, boomerangbooks or even amazon.

7. Have a Games Night

Board games are back with a bang, so if your friendship group has regular game nights, clue them in and make a fake game piece with the words: ‘Will you marry me?’ and make sure your partner gets it. 

If you want to keep the wedding proposal between the two of you, the best way to propose is to pick games like Pictionary, Scrabble, Charades or similar and put it out in words. You can easily buy these from any online games store or from supermarts like Kmart or BigW

For those who like to make it big around the board games, planning a board game themed proposal is one good option. Get a Monopoly board custom designed with your life’s future plan together.  

A partner loves it if you remember their likes and dislikes. No matter which kind of proposal you choose, make sure you have a list of your partner’s favourite things, food, songs or shows and create a proposal space at their favourite place filled with these!

Top tip: Remember to get pictures! In this digital age, everyone will want to see your beautiful proposal. Even roping a mate in to secretly video the event will earn you massive fiancé/fiancée points. Best of Luck!

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