Peridot: Your Ticket to Owning a Piece of Cosmic Beauty

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Let’s discover the captivating allure of Peridot – hailed as ‘the gem of the sun’ by ancient Egyptian society and revered as the gem of light. 

The Enigmatic Cleopatra Connection

Feisty Cleopatra is well known to have loved the Peridot, and it has been found in Egyptian jewellery as far back as the beginning of the second millennium BC and still to this day is their national stone.

Sunset view of Pyramid complex of Giza, in Cairo, Egypt

Peridot: Born from Earth's Fiery Core

Peridot is born of fire and extreme forces. It is one of only two gems on Earth (diamonds being the other) to not form in the Earth’s crust but rather in the fiery molten rock of the mantle and sent violently to the surface during earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Volcano erupting

Peridot's Cosmic Journey: Earth and Beyond

In an astonishing twist, Peridot’s history goes beyond Earth’s boundaries. Found in rare pallasite meteorites formed during the tumultuous birth of our solar system over 4.5 billion years ago, this gem connects to the very essence of our universe. Its presence has been detected in comet dust brought back by NASA’s Stardust probe, on the moon’s surface, and even on Mars, as revealed by NASA’s Global Surveyor. The ancients’ belief that Peridot was a fragment of an exploding sun hurtling to Earth might not be far from reality.

moon in the sky

Peridot's Splendour: Hues & Varieties

Peridot is the gem form of Olivine, aptly named for its rich olive-green tones. It derives these bright green hues from differing amounts of iron and is one of the only gemstones to form in one colour range. Arizona gems are usually lime green with an autumn hue; gems from China are juicy limes; from Pakistan, they swing from olive green to dark leaf green; in Burma, they are apple green.

peridot brooch

Fun Fact: Discovering Nature's Signature Lily-Pads

Tiny inclusions, known as ‘Lily-pads,’ grace the Peridot’s beauty, reminiscent of lush green lily pads with peridot-coloured frogs resting lazily upon them. These intricate inclusions are nature’s signature, adding character to each gem.

Pendant in white and yellow gold in the shape of a frog with diamonds on green leaves.

How to Wear Peridot in Jewellery

Beyond its fascinating origins, Peridot’s radiance makes it a captivating choice for jewellery. Its warm olive-green tones add a touch of vivid vitality to any piece. Here’s how you can embrace the beauty of Peridot in your jewellery collection:

Rings: A peridot ring can be a stunning statement piece. The gem’s rich green colour pairs beautifully with various metals, from classic yellow gold to modern white gold or platinum. A solitaire ring or one accented with diamonds can create a sophisticated and eye-catching look.

Necklaces and Pendants: A peridot pendant can dangle delicately around your neck, showcasing the gem’s brilliance. You can choose a simple solitaire pendant or a more intricate design featuring other gemstones and metals.

Earrings: Peridot earrings can brighten up your look with their vibrant green sparkle. From elegant studs to dazzling drop earrings, there are countless ways to incorporate this gorgeous gem into your earring collection.

peridot jewellery

In the realm of gemstones, Peridot stands as a testament to the Earth’s fiery embrace and the universe’s magnificent creation. Its history intertwines with ancient civilisations, its hues mimic nature’s most vibrant moments, and its cosmic origins tie it to the very fabric of our universe. From the stars of heaven, the tumultuous depths of volcanos, the gem of the sun and a favourite of Egyptian royalty, this magnetic gemstone is one of the most beautiful in the universe!

Craft Your Own Peridot Masterpiece

Connect with our team of skilled artisans to bring your vision to life. Capture the mystique of this gem and infuse it with your personal touch, creating a treasure that resonates with the allure of the universe itself. Contact us now to begin crafting your own Peridot masterpiece.


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