Jewellery Repair Insights From Our Master’s Bench

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Meet Lee and Gary, the dynamic duo of jewellery making and repair! With a combined eight decades of skilled crafting and fixing, they have breathed new life into countless treasures. Let’s dive in as they’re about to spill their secrets and top tips on jewellery repair and maintenance, ranging from old-school tricks to interesting techniques.

Wear and Tear: The Unseen Realities

gary and lee the repair jeweller

As qualified jewellers, Lee and Gary know all too well the hidden realities of jewellery wear and tear. Despite the perception of sparkling diamonds and gleaming metals, the truth lies in the grime and residue accumulated over time. Both Lee and Gary have sage advice for maintaining these precious treasures. “Keep it clean,” Lee advises. “Dirt and built-up grime can wreak havoc on your diamonds, pushing them out of their settings.”

Gary nods in agreement. “People pay good money for the highest-quality diamond, then forget to clean it, making it look dull.” He grins, “And whatever you do, don’t clean your jewellery with toothpaste. Use a toothbrush – not the toothpaste! Instead, go for a gentle brush with a dash of dish liquid and a splash of cloudy ammonia.”

Restoring Jewels: Grit and Gratification

Gary repairing jewellery

While precious jewellery is all sparkle and shine, Lee and Gary reveal the less glamorous side of their profession. “Repairing jewellery is no walk in the park. You’ll end up covered in black, with cracked skin and rough hands by the end of the day.” Yet, amidst the grit and flame, the joy of bringing life back to worn-out treasures is fulfilling, mentions Lee, “There is something so satisfying seeing an old piece be rejuvenated.”

Maintaining Your Jewellery: Expert Advice

Lee repairing jewellery

Our experts offer invaluable advice for maintaining cherished jewellery items. Lee emphasises the importance of routinely assessing your treasured pieces: “Don’t forget to have them checked regularly—at least once a year for newer pieces and more frequently for older ones. Maintenance is key! Prevention is always better than a worn-down setting that’s a little too worse for wear or a lost diamond.” 

Gary chimes in with his advice, “Treat your jewellery like your grandma would! Remember to take it off when you get home, and don’t wear it when doing chores or gardening. Jewellery looks its best when you wear it for the best occasions. Being gentle with your jewellery prevents premature wear and tear.”

Most Common Repairs: Resizing and Setting Checks

gary at his bench

Resizing reigns supreme in the world of jewellery repairs. “The question we hear most often is, ‘Can this be resized?'” Lee reveals. 

Gary and Lee have seen everything from delicate pieces to chunky showstoppers. “You must be careful if your ring is all worn down, as it makes it very tricky to size,” warns Lee. Always double-check those settings, as you don’t want to damage any stones or, worse, have any pop out!

So, there you have it: a glimpse into the glittering world of our jewellers. Thanks to their insights, we get a sneak peek into the skill and sheer dedication needed to revive your beloved baubles. But for these two seasoned jewellers, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing a piece of jewellery restored to its former glory. So, the next time you hand over your jewellery for a little TLC, remember to appreciate the artistry and expertise woven into every repair!

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