How Tradition and Artistry Shaped Our Renovated Jewellery Studio

cheri and glenda brunt

At Bell & Brunt, we’re not just a jewellery studio; we’re storytellers, history keepers, and creators. Unique in our essence, we stand proud as the only women-owned and run jeweller in Australia with a legacy that’s over a century old, still in the same family, designing and creating everything by hand.

Our recent Studio makeover reflects more than aesthetic enhancement; it’s a reaffirmation of our commitment to handcrafted artistry, eschewing CAD and casting for the irreplaceable touch of human hands. 

Bell & Brunt Studio

Our Family's Promise to Yours

We’ve always said that jewellery is more than metal and stones; it’s also about the hands that craft it and the hearts that cherish it.

Cher’i Brunt, CEO and the fifth generation at the helm of our family business, shares:

“My vision was to create a Studio that reflects the heart and soul of our craftsmanship and the incredible talent behind it. I wanted this new Studio to pay homage to the 100-year Bell & Brunt legacy, the heritage of my family, and to be a space where our customers can have a celebratory experience in capturing their stories of love in our world-class pieces.”

This is the dream that guided every selection in our newly renovated Studio. 

A Nod to the Past, A Leap into the Future

After a century of crafting world-class products, we felt it was time for our physical space to mirror our brand’s evolution and our dedication to excellence. Our commitment to enhancing the customer experience is now embodied in a space that not only respects our 100-year history but also pays a tribute to the 1920s.

renovated studio space

Our Journey of Thoughtful Renovation

Our history is our pride, and our Studio’s design evolution pays respect to our rich family history and the legacy of craftsmanship. Keith Brunt’s bench, vintage tools, and a timeline of our journey adorn the walls, inviting you to stroll through our history with us.

keith's renovated bench

We’ve introduced a Design Hub to foster collaboration between designers and gemmologists, equipped with the finest tools to support our talent, and a Diamond Lounge offering customers personalised consultations and stone selection about their custom-made pieces.


The Diamond Lounge is a harmonious fusion of the past and present, where the charm of restored jeweller benches and the warmth of a sparkling chandelier meet. Vintage signs and a champagne display wall enrich the ambiance, capturing the essence of 1920s art deco elegance. This space is a living celebration of art, design, history, and the deep familial roots that nurture our craft.

Establishing a new gold standard for jewellery craftsmanship, our on-site workshop is meticulously organised into three specialised areas: the Studio, dry workshop, and wet workshop. It is designed to streamline the flow and enhance the movement of our artisans and visitors alike.

Ergonomics are prioritised with custom-fit jeweller’s benches, including a full spectrum of welding systems, all housed within custom-built, ventilated cabinetry for optimal safety and aesthetics. 

Additionally, discreet yet powerful extraction systems ensure a pristine working environment, rounded off with the industry’s cleanest polishing setup.

Our Studio’s makeover is a reflection of our enduring dedication to handcrafting your love stories, the heritage that shapes us, and to the family that is every one of you who walks through our doors.

In this renewed space, we’re not just crafting jewellery; we’re crafting experiences, memories, and bonds that last a lifetime.

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