How Andrew created his perfect custom engagement ring for Georgie

Andrew Leader shares his story of designing the perfect engagement ring for the love of his life. Bell & Brunt translated his vision into a reality, and his wife, Georgina, loves her personalised engagement ring.

Family and tradition hold centre stage in the lives of Leaders. So, when starting a new chapter with his to-be Georgina, Andrew knew he could only trust something that would stand the test of time.

"Having a handcrafted piece of jewellery for such an important thing as an engagement ring was really special," says Andrew.

Andrew Leader first heard from Georgina’s grandmother about Bell & Brunt’s world-class jewellery makes. She had her own engagement and wedding ring designed by us and still wears them with pride. They are a beloved symbol of her fulfilled family life and love legacy.

Georgina’s mother and sister Edwina also got their engagement and wedding rings designed and handcrafted by our team. No wonder Andrew wanted the same. So, when picking an engagement ring for his beautiful wife, he decided to invest his time in designing something that held true meaning.

"I had all these ideas in my head. Georgina's family name is Blue, and I wanted to pay homage to her family, too, in our union. After all, she is a Blue. So, we decided to have some blue elements on the engagement ring, and blue sapphires seemed like a stunning option. I wanted a style that was unique, just as Georgina is."


He met with our design consultants to share his vision for the engagement ring and help him create a design to perfectly match his concept. He learned that each piece of jewellery is painstakingly handcrafted and perfected by experts who live and breathe fine jewellery.

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"Knowing that each individual piece is made by artisans is something that makes me very happy, and hopefully, it would be passed through generations."

His journey is even more special because Andrew understood that each gemstone is different and spent time selecting the perfect blue sapphires for Georgina.

Also, Andrew learned all about diamonds, what to look for in quality and how to choose his perfect one. Our team gave him the best guidance to help him make an informed decision. 

Andrew spoke about his experience, "They helped me translate my original concept and come up with the main product that really, truly was my own."

Narrating the story further, he said, “When I first saw the ring, I knew that she was going to love it. It was exactly what I had hoped for.”

Andrew proposed in Bali, and of course, Georgina said yes! She adores the ring and was amazed by Andrew’s thoughtfulness and his personalised design choices. “And this beautiful ring got the job done,” said Andrew with a laugh.

Speaking about her spectacular rings, Georgina tells us, "I feel very privileged to have my rings made by Bell & Brunt, and I wear them with such pride. It's so special because we share a story. Being able to tell my children that story and experience of designing the rings is really splendid."

After the perfect proposal, they started wedding planning. And, of course, we happily crafted a diamond wedding band for Georgina and a wedding band for Andrew for their special day.

We are honoured to help Andrew and Georgina find their perfect custom-made jewellery.

For over 100 years, our family has helped happy families to celebrate their special occasions with handcrafted custom jewellery. We hope to continue helping generations for many more years to come.

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    1. oh wow! congratulations. It is such a great milestone to be celebrating a diamond anniversary. Please come for a clean and polish of your ring to our Adelaide store anytime 🙂

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