Creating Memories: Angela and Nick’s Custom Rings with Bell & Brunt

Angela and Nick’s is a workplace romance. Angela is an ER veterinary nurse while Nick is a veterinarian. When they met, little did they know that they will find their other half at a vet clinic. As their relationship blossomed, they sought to commemorate their unique bond with customised engagement rings and wedding rings. Here’s a glimpse into their ring creation experience with us at Bell & Brunt.

A Bespoke Ring Experience Begins

Angela and Nick’s story is one of love, commitment, and the pursuit of something truly special. “We met at work. Our shared passion brought us closer. When it came time to choose our engagement and wedding rings, we wanted something that represented us – something as unique as our journey together.”

The couple turned to Instagram and Google to find their perfect jeweller. It was on these platforms that they discovered us. “We liked what we saw, so we decided to visit the store,” Angela explains. Their decision was soon justified by the exceptional bespoke ring experience that followed.

angela and nicks wedding day

The Custom Design Process: A Journey of Joy

Upon entering Bell & Brunt, Angela and Nick were greeted with warmth and professionalism. “Cass was our consultant, and she made the entire process enjoyable and stress-free,” Angela shares. “She never forced any decisions on us; instead, she guided us with care and expertise.”

The couple felt at ease throughout the design process, thanks to Cass’s supportive approach. “The atmosphere was kind and relaxing. Cass’s enthusiasm was infectious – she was as excited about our rings as we were.”

One of the most cherished aspects of their customised wedding rings was the inclusion of different coloured stones. “We added gemstones into our wedding bands that represent Nick and I. The colour stone in my band is green – for Nick’s eye colour, and he got a red stone in his band to represent my hair and my fiery nature,” Angela explains. The result was a set of rings that were not only beautiful but deeply meaningful.

Angela's wedding ring

Unveiling the Masterpieces

The moment Angela and Nick first laid eyes on their finished rings was one of pure magic. “The craftsmanship exceeded our expectations,” Angela says. “We were taken away by the beauty and detail – it was everything we hoped for and more.”

Their positive experience didn’t end with the rings themselves. Angela and Nick have since recommended Bell & Brunt to friends and family. “We couldn’t be happier with our rings,” Angela states. “I tell my friends about it often, and I’ve already recommended Bell & Brunt to several people.”

Nick's wedding ring

Looking Ahead: Future Jewellery Dreams

The couple’s journey with Bell & Brunt is far from over. Angela is already planning her next custom piece. “I want to get a diamond pendant made, and I’ll definitely connect with Cass for it,” she says with excitement.

When asked if there was a particular moment that stood out during their time with Bell & Brunt, the couple highlight the warmth and care they received. “The joy Cass brought to the process was unforgettable. The level of care and personal touch made all the difference.”

Angela and Nick Wedding Day

Advice for Future Couples

Angela and Nick’s final piece of advice for couples searching for engagement and wedding rings? “Trust the process and trust your consultant at Bell & Brunt,” Angela says with confidence. “Their expertise and dedication will ensure that you end up with rings that are perfect for you.”

As Angela and Nick continue their journey together, they carry with them the beautiful symbols of their love, crafted with care and precision by artisans at Bell & Brunt. Their story is a testament to the magic of customised engagement rings and wedding rings – a bespoke ring experience that truly captures the essence of a unique love story.

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