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Tiff’s Aquamarine Ring for Alex: An Ode to Love & Forever Things

We’ve got a sweet story to share from this Christmas in sunny Bali. Our wonderful patron, Alexandra Duggan, was totally surprised with an amazing engagement ring, thanks to her partner, Tiffany Papaemanouil, teaming up with our talented jewellers.

Alex couldn’t wait to tell the world in an adorable social media post, saying, “A forever thing…officially!” She also shared a gorgeous photo of her aquamarine ring, which she says is the perfect symbol of their love. What Alex didn’t know at that time was that Tiffany had been planning this perfect ring with our skilled team at Bell & Brunt for about six months


alex's engagement ring

Reflecting on the special story behind her engagement ring, Alex, who shines both as a marketer and a model, shared, “Tiff spent almost six months designing the ring with Bell & Brunt Jewellers. She picked the prettiest blue aquamarine because it’s Tiff’s birthstone – so I’ll always have a piece of her with me.” Isn’t that just the sweetest gesture? It’s more than a ring; it’s a perpetual symbol of Tiffany, woven into the very essence of their love.

Here’s an interesting twist: Alex’s bond with Bell & Brunt was serendipitous. After a memorable photoshoot with us, she was so taken by the experience that she suggested us to Tiffany. “I mentioned the brand to Tiff, so she went to them to make the engagement ring because I had spoken so highly of the people involved. Fortunately, since I had done the shoot with them so they already had all of my ring sizes!”

tiff proposing to alex

At Bell & Brunt, this engagement ring story epitomises our collaborative and personal approach. Tiffany, whose dream design was made into reality by our skilled team shared her joy: “Words cannot describe the happiness and emotions I felt when I first viewed the ring that I always dreamt of creating for my now beautiful fiancée.” It’s more than just crafting jewellery; it’s about infusing emotions and stories into each piece.

Reflecting on her ring, Alex gushed, “It’s the most perfect thing in the world and definitely the start of a family heirloom.” That’s the spirit of Bell & Brunt – not just creating jewellery but crafting memories and legacies.

alex and tiffany's ring

Let’s talk about the ring specifics! This engagement ring is a true masterpiece – an 18ct Yellow Gold wide band with a personalised hand-engraved pattern showcasing an emerald cut aquamarine stone. Beyond its stunning looks, it tells a story of love, dedication, and the skilled hands at Bell & Brunt turning dreams into wearable art.

When you step into Bell & Brunt Jewellers, you’re not just walking into a store; you’re entering a creative jewellery studio where stories are crafted into meticulously designed jewellery. The engagement ring of Alex and Tiffany isn’t just a symbol of love; it’s a testament to the magical collaboration that happens when dreams meet the artisans at Bell & Brunt. Cheers to love and forever things!

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