7 Unique Ways to Customise an Engagement Ring

QUICK LINKS: 1. Design the ring yourself with the help of a jewellery designer | 2. Include your partner’s personal style | 3. Be creative with the styling of the band for your ring | 4. Pick the diamond shape in the size of your preference | 5. Incorporate their favourite colour with the use of coloured stones | 6. Include a hidden element in your engagement ring | 7. Add your kid’s birthstones to honour the family connection

When you’re looking for your engagement ring, there are so many options. Sometimes what you like and what suits your hand will be different. You will like elements of one ring and some of another, but not one that has everything you love.  A customised engagement ring gives you the ability to design and create your dream ring.  From the design to selecting your own stone, designer engagement rings let you have it all.


Here are 7 ways to customise your designer engagement ring:

1. Design the ring yourself with the help of a jewellery designer

jewellery designer sketching engagement ring

The best way to customise an engagement ring is to work with a jeweller who can help you design the ring yourself. This way you can select every element of the ring & include personal elements.  

No one else in the world will have the exact same.  This is the most romantic and connected way to create a ring either together or for your partner.

Pro Tip:  To design your own unique engagement ring, your jeweller will require around 4 weeks to hand make it, so make sure you get organised early.

To know the process involved in customising a ring, visit our custom process page.

2. Include your partner’s personal style to the ring design


An engagement ring can say a lot about a person.  Some styles are more classic, contemporary, simple, blingy, comfortable or romantic.  When looking at unique engagement rings, and considering designing one of your own, consider you and your partner’s style.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do they always follow fashion trends or do they have their own style?
  • Are they traditional or family orientated?  
  • Do they prefer to be outgoing or understated?  

This will help to guide you to the elements such as shape, side or surrounding diamonds, busy or simple design, even the style of setting they would prefer in their custom engagement ring.

3. Be creative with the styling of the band for your ring


No matter the unique engagement ring style, you always have the choice of having a diamond or natural coloured gemstone.  This decision can always be dependent on the style you love and your budget. 

You don’t have to stick with the plain band or a diamond encrusted band if you don’t want to. These are typically the only two popular options available at retail jewellery stores.

When you customise your engagement ring, you can pick from a twisted, carved, engraved or fancy shape on your side band

4. Pick the diamond shape in the size of your preference


A custom jeweller not only offers you the option of picking the diamond or gemstone shape, it also gives you the freedom of selecting the carat & colour of the stone. You can pick from round brilliant cut or a fancy cut like pear, oval, cushion or emerald etc. And, you can also choose if you want the diamond in 0.75 ct or 1 carat or other carat weight. Similarly, colour of the diamond can be selected as well.

Read in detail about how to select a diamond for your engagement ring

5. Incorporate their favourite colour with the use of coloured stones


If you or your partner have a favourite colour, bringing this pop of colour as an element to your engagement ring is a way of making the ring distinctive to you. Whether you choose to incorporate it in the centre stone, side stones, surrounding stones or a hidden one on the inside band, adding some colour into your ring is a great way of personalising your engagement ring.

6. Include a hidden element in your engagement ring


One way to personalise your engagement ring is to include a surprise.  What’s great about having something hidden is it can be a secret between you and your partner, or add a personalised surprise for the recipient.  A hidden element such as a gemstone or personalised engraved message is so romantic. You can incorporate your initials or birth stones into the side setting of the centre diamond. This is such an amazing way to convey to your partner the thought you have put into personalising their ring and something unique just for the both of you.

7. Add your kid’s birthstones to honour the family connection


If any of you have or are bringing children to the relationship, you can include them in your custom engagement ring.  After all, your engagement ring is a symbol of the connection between your families. A birthstone included with in the centre or side stone or incorporated in the side of a setting can bring a brightness or colour and difference, and represents their inclusion in your union.

I’m inspired! How do I create a custom engagement ring?

  • Firstly, find a quality jeweller who uses handmaking techniques. If you are going to spend the time creating something special, you will want it to last and be passed down to generations. If you are in Adelaide, you can visit our jewellery workshop for inspiration or speak to our qualified design team by requesting time. 
  • Secondly, keep exploring design options until you find what you absolutely love.  Sometimes what you think you like and what suits your hand in shape, style and colour may be drastically different. Have some fun experimenting and exploring different designs. You may even spot an element from one ring that you love, even if the whole design isn’t for you. Once you have your notes handy, collaborate with your ring designer for advice. 
  • Thirdly, have your jeweller sketch your design for you so you can see all your features are included. 
  • Make sure your jeweller takes you through a stone selection process where they curate a selection of stones and takes you through each stone highlighting the difference in qualities to ensure you choose the perfect one for you.

For detailed diamond information, read our diamond guide with buying tips!


Pro Tip:  Just like having a dress or suit made, don’t overthink the design once you have made your decision and your jeweller is making your unique engagement ring for you. Trust you have made the right decision. 

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