7 Thoughtful Bridal Shower Gifts She’ll Adore!

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If your closest friend is getting married, we’re sure you’re already thinking of sentimental and thoughtful bridal shower gifts for her. And while choosing the right present can be made easy by just picking an item off the couple’s registry, it can be really daunting if you are looking for the perfect gift that celebrates the bride and her upcoming nuptials.

Here are seven bridal shower gift ideas to shower her with good wishes before her big day.

Personalised Wedding Dress Hanger 


The wedding dress is one of the most important dresses a girl wears in her lifetime. So isn’t it important that this dress deserves a special place of its own? These customised hangers are available at How Divine with the bride’s name, or you can choose to add the wedding date. While the base of these hangers is made of wood, the name and dates are made in aluminium and come in a range of colours and designs.

Not only can these be personalised for just the bride, but they also make for excellent bridal party gifts. Each piece can be personalised with embellishments like crystals, pearls, bows, and hearts.

Engraved Cheese Board 


Bridal shower gifts don’t just need to be for the bride; you can pick something thoughtful for her new home. If the couple loves to socialise and would host intimate get together and soirées, an engraved cheese board will make for a great wedding gift for the bride. 

Hardtofind has some great options in a variety of designs, woods, and shapes. Some even come complete with a knife set! You can customise yours with the wedding date or simply the name or initials of the couple. 

Bath and Spa Accessories 


Wedding planning can get extremely taxing, and all your bride needs at this point is some time to relax. While you could book her a spa day, it is also a good idea for her to have something on hand to help them unwind at the end of the day. Why not spoil her with bath and spa accessories from Bath Box as a bride-to-be gift? Choose from a variety of bath bombs, bath dust, and even salts and soaks that will not only destress her but will also add in some nourishing skin care.

Customised Makeup Bag

A bride always wants to look her best on her wedding day. It’s pretty obvious that the bride will need to reach for her makeup often. So, if you are thinking of giving her a lovely gift to stay with her during the long day, choose a customised makeup bag as your bridal shower gift. 

We especially adore this piece by BewillFinds, which comes in a chic white with the bride’s name in gold that matches the gold zip around the closure. It can hold all accessories and even the makeup needed for a quick touch-up and easily fits into a small bag. 

Wine Bottles with Milestone Labels


If your bride-to-be loves celebrating milestones both big and small, here’s the kind of bride gift box she’ll love! Weddings are only the first big step in a relationship, and the initial years include a lot of firsts. Be a part of your bride’s celebrations with a gift that doesn’t stop giving! 

Pick some bottles of vintage wine that can be stored for a couple of years and label them with milestones like the first anniversary, first baby, first fight, our first Christmas and more. You can get your labels personalised by LabelwithLove on Etsy.

Designer Sleepwear

Flirtatious and glamorous, a stylish negligee definitely makes it to the list of great bridal shower gift ideas. Choose a piece that is perfect for the wedding night and fits right in the honeymoon bag too. Think of chic designs and high-quality silks like the ones on Simone Pérèle – offering coverage that makes them comfortable and still sensual.

For more seductive options that work with laces and come in various colours and designs, browse through Lingerie Seduction’s fantastic collection that only adds to a romantic night. 


A Bell & Brunt Gift Card

If you are still wondering what could the perfect bride-to-be gifts be? How about letting the bride pick something from our jewellery studio? You can buy a Bell & Brunt gift card online, and the bride can have something she truly likes. 

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