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7 Perfect Push Present Ideas for Any New Parent

newborn baby and mother push present

Welcoming a new life into the world is an incredible moment and a time for celebration. A push present has become the latest craze to mark this remarkable milestone. It shows appreciation for the journey your partner and yourself have been through. What better way to commemorate this special occasion than with jewellery?

In this blog, we’ll explore some exquisite jewellery options for guys to consider as a push present for their partners. With a stunning custom jewellery push present, you’ll create lasting memories, and good jewellery lasts a lifetime. What a beautiful gift to pass down to your child when they are older! Let’s discover the 7 most popular push presents.

Timeless Diamond Pendant:

A diamond pendant necklace is a classic choice that exudes elegance and timelessness. Consider a delicate solitaire diamond pendant suspended from a dainty chain. This understated piece will rest beautifully on her collarbone as a reminder of this joyous moment.

Looking for interesting pendant designs?

Everlasting Eternity Ring:

A diamond eternity ring is a powerful symbol of enduring love and commitment. Its unbroken circle of diamonds represents the infinite and unending nature of your love for your partner and growing family. Gifting a diamond eternity ring as a push present signifies your everlasting commitment and the start of your parenthood journey.

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Dazzling Diamond Tennis Bracelet:

A diamond tennis bracelet is a breathtaking gift leaving your partner feeling truly special. It’s timeless design features a continuous line of diamonds, symbolising an enduring bond. The brilliance of the diamonds will delight her, making this a genuinely show-stopping push present.

Unsure about what bracelet design she will adore?

Beautiful Birthstone Ring:

Why not give your partner a stunning birthstone ring as a meaningful push present? Select a high-quality gemstone that represents the birth month of your little one. Surround the gemstone with smaller accent diamonds, or choose a sleek and modern design showcasing the birthstone. Furthermore, you can incorporate your partner’s birthstone and your own to create a family trilogy ring.

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Stylish Diamond Stud Earrings:

Diamond stud earrings are a timeless and versatile gift that will make your partner shine. And the beauty of a diamond stud earring is that it can be worn every day. Choose a pair of high-quality diamonds with a classic round brilliant cut diamond set in 4 or 6 claws. These elegant earrings can be worn effortlessly, adding a tasteful touch of glamour to your partner’s style.

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Classy & Practical Watch:

A luxury watch is a statement piece that combines functionality and style. Choose a renowned brand and select a watch that has water resistance. This ensures your partner won’t have to worry about it when looking after the baby. Or consider a smart watch with plenty of high tech functions. Choose a sleek and feminine design with a beautiful dial and a band made from high-quality materials. 

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Unique Charm Bracelet:

A charm bracelet is a delightful and customisable option that allows you to curate a collection of meaningful charms. Choose charms that symbolise moments or milestones in your relationship, such as a baby carriage, a heart, or a birthstone charm. Each charm will tell a unique story, making this a sentimental and personalised push present. And this is a unique way to continue to add to the charm collection on every special occasion.

Looking for advice? Ask our team about the best charm bracelet ideas:

Choosing a custom jewellery piece as a push present is a beautiful way to express your appreciation and celebration of this particular moment in your life.

Whether it’s a timeless diamond pendant necklace, a customisable birthstone piece, or a sparkling diamond eternity ring, the right piece of jewellery will be a cherished reminder of this joyous occasion. Remember, you now have created the gift of life, so it really is the thought that matters. Consider her style and preferences, and choose something you know she will treasure for life.

Still need help designing the perfect push present? Reach out to our friendly design consultants for their expertise and advice:

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