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7 Gifts for Grooms to Match Their Personality

Finding the perfect gift that embodies your love for anyone is always hard. The gift should be personal and thoughtful, and also convey how much you love the person. Phew! That’s a lot. Well, if you’re looking for gifts for grooms, that’s even more difficult considering all the time spent on pre-wedding preps, and like that’s not enough, there could be selective options available in the market for grooms. 

Whether he’s your beau, brother, son-in-law, or buddy, you want to get him a gift that will convey what he means to you – a gift that he will cherish for a lifetime. So depending on who your groom is, here are a few unique gift ideas for grooms that you can tailor to his personality.

For the Classy Groom who appreciates luxury

groom wearing cufflinks

If your groom is someone who appreciates luxury and class, you can get him a cocktail machine that lets him mix his drinks.  Or get him a pure leather billfold with his name on it. Make it even more personal with a picture of the bride and groom on it. Or give the classy man a fabric shaver to get rid of the loose threads on his luxury suit. Jewellery is always an option for those who live in style. Personalised cuff links are timeless men’s accessories as are diamond-studded watches. Another good choice is an engraved pendant that can be worn on a neck chain or used as a key ring fob.

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Gifts for a Tech-Savvy Groom

Explaining How to Use Smartwatch

Is your groom someone who loves everything tech? Worry not. There are tons of gift ideas for the tech-savvy groom. A smartwatch is easy enough to get as are a pair of noise-cancelling ear pods. If you want to get something unique, though, consider a wireless charging bedside tray that will charge his phone and smartwatch, and hold all his accessories too. A carbonated growler that gushes out freshly bubbled beverages is perfect if the groom is a beer-drinking man. 

You can find a range of If the groom is someone who travels a lot, a portable espresso maker or the latest DSLR camera is a great option and if he’s someone who likes to put up his legs with a glass of fine scotch, consider gifting the groom his very own ice sphere maker.

Gifts for the Driving Buff

Male driver in a convertible sports car driving on the highway

Imagine driving along the tree-lined countryside with your favourite music. The Amazon echo auto is a great pal to take along for the ride. Alexa-enabled, the device will keep you company with music and help you find your way. And if you want to gift the groom something personal, what better gift than a pair of cufflinks engraved with his favourite car logo? Another great idea for the car buff groom is a one-cup phone mount that fits into the cup holder of almost any car and charges your phone. Psst! It also keeps the charging wires sorted.

Gifts for the Water sports Guy

Surf, sea and sports

Shopping for a groom who loves water sports? From waterproof watches and earphones, right up to snorkelling or scuba diving kits, there’s a plethora of personalised gifts you can buy for a groom who loves water sports. Gift him a surfboard to take with him on his travels. He’ll love a parasailing experience if he visits the beach frequently. And if you want to keep it simple, gift him a membership to the nearest water-sports club. A pair of cool Raybands or a beachwear kit are some other options you might want to consider.

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Gifts for the Music Buff

man playing guitar

Looking for something unique to gift the groom? How about a Bluetooth-enabled vintage turntable? If your music-loving groom also likes music literature, get him a book on vintage music history that he will not be able to put down. Or give your guitarist groom a set of customised guitar picks. Personalise them with the initials of the people he loves. Or a musical instrument of his choice is really something the groom will cherish.

Gifts for the Mountaineering Groom

man hiking in the country

A personalised trekking kit is something a man who loves the outdoors is unlikely to forget. And if you want to get individually personalised items, consider a monogrammed rain jacket and scarf for the mountain lover. Or get him a handheld navigator device. Camping accessories like cookware, foldable stools, and tents are things that mountaineering men will always appreciate as are hiking shoes and backpacks. Or gift him a book on mountain treks around the world. It’s something he will probably add to his bucket list and something he will always remember you by.

Gifts for the Horticulturist

Young man in garden, tending to plants

Apart from the classic gardening kit, there are a few unique gifts for the horticulturist. Get a smart garden like this one from Harvey Norman that will self-water his indoor plants. These also serve as excellent decorative pieces. A water sensor that you can embed into the ground will tell you when the plants are thirsty. A bonsai kit or a expert gardening book for the dabbler is another great gift for the gardener groom.

Other Gift Ideas for Grooms

man playing video games

Apart from these, here are a few more unique gift ideas for the groom. 

  • An Xbox is an excellent choice for an avid gamer. 
  • Gift your gym buff a gym set with his name engraved on every item with a gym bag to hold it all.  
  • A world scratch-off map will give the travel buff great joy scratching off the places you’ve visited together or get a magnetic one to create a travel wall with little curios from places around the world.

From water buffs to tech-savvy men, we’ve listed gift ideas for every groom. Browse the many options to find the perfect one for your mate.. 

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