7 Bridal Shower Ideas We Can’t Stop Swooning Over

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QUICK LINKS: 1. Tie the ‘Naut’ Bridal Shower | 2. Outdoor Blooming Love Bridal Shower Theme | 3. A Taste of Love Bridal Shower Cuisine | 4. Painting & Wine for the Creative Bride-to-Be | 5. The Picture Perfect Bridal Shower | 6. Mixologist’s Favourite | 7. Bride Bingo Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is where the bride lets her hair down, pampers and indulges, takes a trip down memory lane, and has a blast before she says “I do.” You want this day to be special and fun for the bride! So, if you are someone looking to throw a bridal shower for your bestie, here are some ideas that are an absolute hit! From creative themes to fun experiences – we’ve got you covered! 

1. Tie the 'Naut' Bridal Shower


Let loose and get “nauti” with ropes, lines, anchors, and stripes. Dress up as sailors or pirates and set off on your journey with a spread of sea-food and lots of nautical games like Message in a Bottle where every guest drops a message in an empty bottle for the bride.

Then set off in your hired boat. There are plenty of boat hires like Real Escapes in Glenelg Adelaide that have a twilight hen’s night sailing charter with all the bells and whistles.

2. Outdoor Blooming Love Bridal Shower Theme


Does your bride love the outdoors? Throw her a ‘Blooming Love’ bridal shower at her favourite botanical garden or cafe. Rely on the beauty of nature for decorations and don’t forget to have lots of flowers around. 

Illuminate the place with fairy lights or candles encased in holders, and vintage accents to create a chic and picture-worthy ambiance. You can even make your own DIY flower crowns. Select a soft flowing outfit for the occasion and enhance the look with floral accessories.

3. A Taste of Love Bridal Shower Cuisine


Food is the high point of every party and the bridal shower or bachelorette is no exception! Create a custom spread that includes all the bride’s favourite dishes. Set up a multi cuisine spread and allow your guests to mix and match. 

If you have bakers in the group, you can even take it a notch higher by shaping some snacks like her favourite  things in life, or throw in a friendly bake-off challenge to add some fun. It gives the guests a delicious way to  show they know the bride’s tastes, not to mention creating delicious memories. 

Add to the fun by asking your guests to wear food-shaped accessories like this cute miniature food jewellery from Badger’s Bakery for the bridal shower. 

4. Painting and Wine for the Creative Bride-to-Be


For those who love art (and also a vino) why not create a Hen’s paint & pour night? Grab some cheap canvas and acrylic paints from a craft store, and set up a wine table for the perfect pairing. Paint your first Picasso of the bride as a memento while sipping a glass of Pinot.

Now if that’s too messy for all you art lovers, Frida’s Sip n Paint Hens/Bridal sessions in Adelaide or Studio Vino by the beach supply everything if requested, or BYO your favourite drop. Book a 2.5 hour session and let them clean up the mess!

5. The Picture Perfect Bridal Shower


A photo booth is a fun and interactive way to create lasting memories for the bride-to-be and her guests. With a variety of props and backdrops to choose from, everyone can let their creativity run wild and snap some truly memorable photos with the bride even as they sip and dine at the bridal shower. The photo booth can be customised to blend into the theme of the bridal shower, making it an integral part of the celebration. 

6. Mixologist’s Favourite


Who doesn’t love a bridal shower that is also a cocktail party! We bet the bride would, thanks to all the wedding stress before the big day! A cocktail bar is always a great bridal shower idea and it becomes even better, if you have the bride’s favourite drinks on the menu and creative and clever names. 

This party can also be a fun experience, if you book a session with a mixologist to give you some basic lessons on stirring and shaking while you girls keep them cocktails coming! Let the Hen’s party be-GIN with the House Of Hen’s Cocktail Making Classes in Adelaide for the perfect Hen’s night.

7. Bride Bingo Bridal Shower


No matter what theme you go with, fun games are a must. Bride Bingo is a classic and popular bridal shower game. It’s available online but creating your own personalised game is more fun. 

Bingo cards and markers are distributed among the guests who cross off the items on the card as each one is completed. To make it challenging. throw in some personalised dares for the guest to complete, doing the best imitation of the groom (or bride), or sharing your best (or worst) moment with the bride. 

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