5 Wedding Themes Trending in 2023

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The period between your engagement and wedding is a time of joy and romance. But it is stressful as you go about planning for your big day. To make things easier, we’ve put together a list of trending wedding themes for you. Ranging from simple elegant trends to retro chic and thoughtful eco-friendly ideas – we bring to you five wedding themes that are taking 2023 by a storm.

Why Choose a Wedding Theme?

Evening wedding ceremony in garden, arch with white branches, brown wooden chairs and a lot of lights hanging in glass spheres

Couples today are opting for unique, personalised bridal themes that reflect their personalities and interests. From vintage to modern, there’s a theme for every couple. So why not you?

Besides, planning a themed wedding gives you something exciting to do with your partner. So, before diving in, reflect on the relationship you share and select a theme to match, or pick something common that you both love. 

1. Destination Weddings

destination sea view wedding theme

If you and your partner want to escape the humdrum life and have the perfect getaway, why not book a destination wedding? With all the luxury of a resort and none of the after-party pack up, you can easily find little get-away locations to suit everyone. Choose Bali or the Fiji for an easy flight to paradise and wow your guests. Or explore a little closer to home and pick a scenic location like Tasmania or New Zealand for stunning rainforest and water views.

2. Eco-Chic: Sustainable Wedding Theme

outdoor forest wedding theme

This one is for the environmentally conscious couple passionate about making a difference. This bridal theme is all about incorporating sustainable practices into your wedding celebration. Starting from your recycled materials in your wedding invites, to the natural textiles and textures for your décor and choosing an organic menu, everything is eco-friendly and harmonious. Having the ceremony outside will highlight the beauty of nature and why eco-sustainability is important.

As you go about preparing, make sure that your menu has locally sourced organic food and the decor is created using repurposed or upcycled material.

3. Vintage Style Weddings

Gorgeous bride in vintage white wedding dress with bouquet hugging with handsome groom

Knock on the doors of the past for a vintage style wedding theme with inspirations from the roaring 20s & 30s, classic 50s, swinging 60s or funky 70s themes. Decorate the venue in a art deco style or a modern take of vintage style from your favourite decade. Include vintage dishes from retro recipes in your menu. Groove to classic music from a bygone era and have vintage cars for your ‘Just Married’ ride. 

Classic vintage designs are fun and are easy to find in cute little retro boutiques and if you have some vintage accessories they will work wonders for your ensemble. 

4. A Match Made in Heaven Wedding Theme

wedding reception

The classic and timeless “Match Made in Heaven” theme is all about creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere that celebrates the love between you and your partner – think soft lights, dreamy florals, and intimate angel inspired dinner settings. The bride and groom dress in heavenly white wedding wear and everything around is beautiful with neutral toned flowers, feathers, classic champagne flutes, and soft, dreamy lighting – all of which create an air of romance and intimacy

5. Blushing Brides and Dashing Grooms: A Fairytale Wedding

Horse and Carriage Ride

2023 is witnessing a resurgence of fairyland so if you and your partner are hopeless romantics with child-like love – this theme is for you. Go whimsical and bring out the inner princess in every bride who’s waiting for her charming prince. 

The decor is all twinkling lights that match the stars in the sky. Delicate floral arrangements, and intimate seating with sheer white curtains complete the dreamy, ethereal ambiance that will give you a fairytale feel. To add to the theme, have the bridal party arrive by horse and carriage- they make for the most beautiful pictures. 

We hope you liked this list of trending wedding themes in 2023. Now, go ahead and make your big day as memorable and unique as you are.

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