5 Fun Wedding Cake Designs For 2023


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Taking the plunge and deciding to get married is a very important decision of anyone’s life. 

Besides exchanging vows and saying I do, the wedding cake is also a very special part of any wedding celebration. Of course, everyone wants a cake that tastes like heaven but a crucial aspect of the wedding cake is its design. Nowadays, cake designers customise cakes that perfectly complement the overall theme and vibe of your wedding. The designs of some of these cakes are so unique, they can make your wedding memorable. 

So here’s a list of trending wedding cake designs for your day, if you wish to move away from the classic tiered wedding cake. 

Signature upside down chandelier cake

chandelier upside down wedding cakes

One of the most unique wedding cake designs, the signature upside chandelier cake for your wedding will make your celebration nothing short of extravagant. This tiered cake design hangs upside down in the form of a chandelier. It can be decorated with flowers or lights depending upon your general wedding décor theme. You can pick the flavour of your choice, and the colour of the chandelier can match your theme. 

Our recommendation: If you’ve always dreamt of a regal wedding (you love the glitz and glamour), pick the upside down chandelier cake. 

Cupcake stand tiered wedding cake


If variety is the spice of your life and you cannot zero down on a single flavour for your wedding cake, a cupcake stand tiered cake is the perfect choice for you. You can choose from a myriad of flavours and each tier can have a different combination. You can also select options based on the dietary needs of your guests. Many cake bakers now have  options that have gluten-free or vegan alternatives but still as tasty and wonderful to look at. 

Our recommendation: If your couple style is quirky, funny, and everything colourful, you can never go wrong with a cupcake stand tiered cake! 

Floral wedding cakes

floral wedding cakes

The most quintessential (and romantic) form of wedding cake designs, floral cakes have taken the world by storm and there’s no looking back! Floral cakes add a sweet elegance to your wedding cake design. Any baker you pick for your cake creation will give you a list of great options to choose from when it comes to floral wedding cake designs. 

The flowers could be real (yet edible) flowers or made in different flower designs using frosting or marzipan. You can also use real flowers like roses in the colour of your wedding theme (only for decoration) letting nature’s true beauty take the cake!

Our recommendation: If you’re not feeling too adventurous but want to choose a stylish, elegant cake, you cannot go wrong with this one! 

Pavlova wedding cake

Meringue pavlova cake with berries and butter cream

A meringue-based dessert, pavlova is an extremely loved choice in wedding cakes. Light, lovely, and a treat for your palate, the sugar-based treat can be decorated with any kind of seasonal fruits.

A pavlova is a unique treat loved by all and is a great design selection. Or mix up your traditional wedding cake and top with many mini pavlovas. This adds uniqueness to your décor, and of course, who doesn’t love a good pavlova?  

Our recommendation:  You cannot go wrong with a pavlova if your wedding is all about feeling at home and that wonderful, nostalgic old-school charm. After, we all love a scrumptious pavlova! 

Cake pop wedding stand

wedding cake pops

A joyous way to make your wedding fun is by adding cake pops to your reception. Since cake pops are standalone desserts, they can be added to a big, tiered cake or just used in different colours and flavours at your reception dessert bar. If you are one of those who likes to a multitude of options, and not married to the idea of a standalone cake, cake pops are a great option for you. 

Bakers of today make cake pops in many shapes and forms- they could look like lollypops or characters. You can also reminisce a little bit of childhood glee at your wedding reception by adding cake pops to the mix!

Our recommendation: If you’re the couple who loves variety, fun, sparkles, and joy, cake pops will never disappoint! 

As we’ve explored throughout this blog, the process of selecting the perfect wedding cake involves personal consideration of flavors, designs, and even dietary restrictions. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless beauty of traditional cakes or the fun creativity of unique designs, collaborating with a skilled baker is key to bringing your dream cake to life.

Remember, your wedding cake is more than just a dessert – it’s a cherished memory in the making. So savour every sweet moment!

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