4 Anxiety Rings to Keep You Calm in a Crisis

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Anxiety rings are a fun and fashionable way to help you fidget your frustrations away!

Do you often find yourself clicking your pen incessantly, tapping a random beat or biting your nails? Excess energy, nervousness, and general anxiety can make anyone fidgety.

Anxiety rings are a new revolution in mindfulness and fashion. Like fidget spinners, the moving parts can help distract your racing brain and ground you in times of stress. There are lots of options to suit even the fussiest fidgeter, from the fashion forward to those who focus only on function. 

What are anxiety rings?

Anxiety rings are designed with spinning components and textured elements to help you focus on the task and reduce stress. The most popular designs are the spinner rings for anxiety which have a central band that spins in the middle of a ring that stays still. Also known as meditation rings or worry rings, some recorded history suggests that spinner rings for anxiety were a part of Tibetan meditation rituals. 

The Buddhist monks would spin the metal rings inscribed with sacred religious text to rid themselves of bad energy and attract good karma. Other styles have moving parts that slide along the design, like a fidget bead ring and an anxiety ring with balls. Moving these along like tiny prayer beads can stop racing thoughts and help you be present in the moment.

What do anxiety rings do?

Everyone experiences anxiety and stress differently. So, what an anxiety ring can do differs as well. For some people, anxiety rings can calm thoughts and enable them to articulate themselves better. For others, anxiety rings can help in healthy self-soothing tactics rather than negative behaviours like nail-biting in stressful situations.

As discussed in various articles about anti-anxiety rings, these spinning wonders can help to improve
concentration for people who get easily distracted by stimuli such as music, passing cars in traffic or other conversations happening around them.

Therefore, anxiety rings can be helpful for people who want more focus in meetings, classes, discussions, or public presentations. Anxiety rings are not substitutes for treatment, but they can help you stay calm in stressful situations. Not to miss the fact that they double up as fashion accessories and are a discreet way of dealing with worries while out in public.

Where to buy anxiety rings?

There are a variety of fidget bead rings or spinner rings for anxiety available online & at stores across the country. If you are eager to try them out, you can find a reasonable & affordable option from any accessory brand like at Anxiety Rings Australia. However, if you want a specific design or your skin is irritated with cheap metals, it is better to invest in a custom-made ring that you can wear without discomfort.

At Bell & Brunt Jewellery Studio in Adelaide, we have a team of jewellery designers, jewellers and gemmologists in-house that can help you design your tailor-made anxiety ring. To know more about our team, click here. Or to check out our custom process, click here.

4 Types of rings that help you deal with anxiety

If you are searching for an anti-anxiety ring to soothe your worried mind, we have compiled four different design ideas to help you find the perfect style. 

1. Spinner Rings for Anxiety

Spinner rings can come in multiple designs. The main difference is how the spinning band section feels to the touch. Spinner rings look like regular rings but have a central band that you can spin with another finger. Most spinner rings are worn on the index finger, allowing you to twist the band with the thumb. Eventually, the spinning action becomes passive, calming you down and allowing you to concentrate on what you ought to be doing.

  • Wave Pattern Spinner Ring: As the name suggests, this anxiety ring has a wave-like pattern to the spinning component. The stylised design can be subtle or pronounced in a soothing wave pattern for those who are more tactile.


  • Spinner Rings with Beads: Spinner rings with beads provide you with something pronounced to feel and fidget with. You can even count the separate beads silently. Counting can be great for self-affirmation or for practising breathing techniques to calm yourself. You can also wear multiple beaded rings on one finger and play around with different metal colours.


  • Wide Spinner Rings: Like a more significant look? Wide spinner rings are made to feel big on the finger. They are great for people who want to fidget with them actively. The chunky designs give a funkier look and look great as a stand-alone piece.

2. Three Piece Anxiety Rings

3-piece anxiety rings are designed with three interlocked rolling rings. These move nicely along the finger as they turn together. The triple-band design has meanings in different cultures, but it represents the Holy Trinity in Russian Orthodox tradition.

These rings can come in various precious metals in white, rose and yellow gold. Given that the rings are meant to be touched frequently, the metal must withstand frequent movement without losing its shine. Some three-piece anxiety rings incorporate a rich finish to highlight the difference between bands.

3. Inspirational Rings

Inspirational anxiety rings have engraved messages on them, and they are meant to remind you to remain calm in stressful situations. They can also have encouraging quotes for people who suffer self-doubt or limiting beliefs when taking on new challenges. A gentle reminder to breathe, courage over fear, or love messages can positively impact your day.

Again, inspirational rings for anxiety have many innovative designs. The most common is a band with a wide surface where the message is laser engraved. The precious metal can vary according to colour preference and the budget for the rings.

Hand-engraved ring patterns can carry special meaning for those who wear them. Flowers, animals, letters and words from foreign alphabets/characters are common ways of engraving inspiration on rings. For instance, you can have an affirmation such as ‘I am Enough’ engraved by hand. It feels extra special when a ring has been artistically engraved by hand.

4. Textured Rings for Anxiety

Textured rings for anxiety have a distinct feeling when you fidget with them. While they may not rotate around the finger, the texture is oddly satisfying and can soothe you.

  • Hammer finish: One design is a hammer finish for people who like a planish textured or mosaic effect on their jewellery. The ring’s finish gives the impression that a hammer is used to give it a dimpled look. The hammered-finish rings differ in their thickness. Some people prefer buying thin ones and stacking them on one finger, playing around with different materials and colours.


  • Spike Pattern Rings: Spike pattern rings have two or more rows of tiny spikes going around the ring. Though small, the tips have a satisfying texture to feel. The points, if big enough, make these rings an exciting accessory.


  • Vertical Patterned Finish: A vertical patterned ring feels great to run your finger over or fidget with your nail. The rings can be designed to shimmer as it moves around your finger. You get to decide how thin or thick you want the ring width to be. Vertical patterns go well when stacked together, but they can also blend in with other contoured rings.

The anxiety ring is a new wearable that helps reduce and manage anxiety. They keep your hands busy, so it can calm you mind. Great for discreetly managing stress and anxiety with a gorgeous, subtle design that looks good and lets you fidget without the fear of being noticed.

If you are looking for an anxiety ring, contact us to explore your ideas. You can also get a unique ring design not found anywhere else. To book an express 15-min free chat with one of our jewellers online, click here. Our expert jewellery designers will get to know you and your preferences and hand-sketch a ring design that is unique to you.

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