Emerald and Diamond Pendant

18ct White Gold Natural Pear Cut Emerald and Diamond Pendant


Introducing our exquisite Handmade Natural Emerald and Diamond Art Deco Inspired Pendant, a true masterpiece that seamlessly blends timeless elegance with contemporary sophistication. This captivating piece is a celebration of craftsmanship, showcasing the beauty of nature with a stunning natural emerald at its heart.

To enhance the allure of the pendant, an array of dazzling diamonds adorns its exterior. The ensemble includes round brilliant cut diamonds, known for their unparalleled sparkle and fire, tapered baguette diamonds that add a touch of sophistication, and a regal princess cut diamond that crowns the piece with a majestic allure. Each diamond is carefully chosen to complement the emerald, creating a harmonious balance between colour and brilliance.

At Bell & Brunt, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our jewellery and the artistry behind each piece. Our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail make Bell & Brunt a must for those who appreciate the unique and seek a personal touch in their jewellery.

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