4 claw set oval diamond solitaire ring

Hand made 18ct white gold oval cut diamond solitaire ring with four claw centre setting


Step into the realm of contemporary sophistication with our exquisite 4-claw set Oval Diamond Solitaire Ring, meticulously handcrafted in opulent 18ct white gold.

Oval cut diamond is celebrated for its distinctive allure, making it an ideal choice for a bespoke engagement ring. At Bell & Brunt, we recognise that every love story is extraordinary, and your engagement ring should be a reflection of that. Our skilled artisans are committed to crafting bespoke rings that capture the essence of your romance. From selecting the perfect oval cut diamond to customising the setting, we ensure that every detail is crafted with meticulous attention and care.

Embark on your journey of love with our master jewellers to create a symbol of your enduring devotion, designed to be as distinctive and captivating as your bond.





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