18ct Gold & Diamond Suit Jacket Pocket Square

18ct White Gold Art Deco Inspired Diamond Men’s Suit Jacket Pocket Square Brooch

Diamond Guild Australia Award 2023 Finalist Piece


Meet the Diamond Metropolis, a pinnacle of opulence in our custom-designed solid gold Suit Jacket Pocket Square. This luxurious accessory, honored as a finalist at the prestigious Diamond Guild Australia 2023 Jewellery Awards, exudes sophistication and refinement. Meticulously crafted with precision and adorned with diamonds, it is a statement piece that seamlessly combines elegance with contemporary design, elevating your style to unprecedented heights.

At Bell and Brunt, we turn your dream designs into exquisite, handmade luxury jewelry. Our skilled team meticulously craft each piece, ensuring that your vision is transformed into a unique masterpiece. Experience the artistry of custom-made jewellery that reflects your individual style and celebrates bespoke craftsmanship at Bell and Brunt.

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