Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three Stone Engagement Rings

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Custom Three Stone Engagement Rings

Spark your imagination by taking inspiration from our range of engagement ring designs. Our team can assist with customising your choice of ring design to perfectly suit your lifestyle needs.

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Three Stone Engagement Rings

A Three Stone Engagement ring features three gemstones, usually diamonds, across the top of the ring setting. The central diamond is traditionally larger, with two side diamonds smaller in size to complement the main diamond. Often called Trilogy rings, they are rich with symbolism and offer a dazzling alternative to the popular Solitaire engagement ring.


What is the significance of three stone engagement rings?

Traditionally, three stone rings are symbolic of the past, the present, and the future. This beautiful sentiment creates a meaningful story of your relationship within your engagement ring.

The Symbolism of Trilogy Rings

  • The first stone represents your past – from the tender beginnings of your relationship and the journey of growing together.
  • The centre stone symbolises the present and tends to be more prominent in size. This centrepiece encapsulates your love as a symbol of two hearts combining as one.
  • The third stone represents your future – the beautiful commitment you make to one another, united in love.

Although the side stones are slightly smaller than the centre stone, they are in no way less symbolic. They complement and enhance your centre, which will always symbolise your love in this present moment.

We have handcrafted some of the best three stone engagement rings in Australia for many of our customers. Recently a lovely young couple, inspired by old-school romance and vintage charm, designed their dream trilogy engagement ring with sapphires in honour of her grandmother. With endless options, you can turn your dream ring into reality.


For inspiration, discover our three stone engagement ring gallery.

The Best 3 Stone Engagement Rings Designs

When creating a custom three stone engagement ring, you can choose your own unique design.  

  • Traditional trilogy ring designs

The most traditional style will feature a round brilliant cut centre stone and smaller round brilliant cut accentuating side stones. A guide to proportion will generally be that the side stones should measure between ⅓ to ½ of the size of your chosen centre stone. 

  • Modern trilogy ring designs

The more modern designs now feature different diamond shapes with a twist. The beauty of a bespoke engagement ring means you can pick your favourite shapes to create a unique engagement ring. The choices are endless; from emerald cut and oval cut diamonds, to pear cut and princess cut diamonds, there is a diamond shape for all tastes.

  • For those who like balance and symmetry

If you prefer balance, you can select three stones of similar size and shape but still with a slightly larger centre to ensure pleasing visual proportions. A popular alternative to round brilliant cut diamonds is oval cut diamonds: their elongated yet rounded shape gives a soft romantic look. The stylish appeal of emerald-cut diamonds will also offer an art deco style. 

The Benefits of Adding Coloured Gemstones in Three Stone Engagement Rings

1. Add a personal touch with a special meaning

Three-stone rings typically feature diamonds, but coloured gemstones are gaining popularity as they add a touch of flair and can have personal meaning. You can choose a natural coloured gemstone to represent your birthstone, treasured family legacies or even just your favourite colour. 

2. A budget-friendly alternative

A sizeable coloured gemstone can also be a budget-savvy solution over a large diamond centre for those who desire a dramatic look. Accent side diamonds beautifully balance a coloured gemstone, and the three stone engagement ring is no exception.

3. Add uniqueness to a design

As gemstones are cut in a range of wonderful different shapes to showcase their colour, you can create a beautiful bespoke design for your three-stone engagement ring. With having a coloured stone in the centre, you can accentuate the gemstone’s richness of colour by adding smaller diamonds on either side. 

To get your unique engagement ring design personalised, connect with our bespoke jewellery experts by clicking here.

What are the best three stone engagement ring settings?

The setting is custom made to fit your chosen diamond shapes and sizes while enhancing your style. 

  • Claw settings

Usually, a three stone engagement ring will be claw set. Claw settings will allow the light to enter your gemstones, while the delicate prongs will hold your diamonds securely. 

  • Corner capped settings

If you love a fancy cut diamond, it is best to choose corner cap settings to protect the points of your diamonds, like the corners of the princess cut or the point of the pear cuts and marquise cuts. 

Want to choose a more contemporary stone shape with straight edges? Semi bezel and Bar settings for the accent diamonds are a sleek and modern choice. 

  • Semi-bezel settings

The semi-bezel is a small rim of gold along part of the diamond’s edge, keeping most of the diamond open to the light.

  • Bar settings

Similar to the semi-bezel, the bar setting is a small bar of gold perpendicular to the band, securing the diamond while allowing light through the stone. The bar setting works wonderfully with square-edged cuts.

Unsure which setting suits you best? Our highly qualified designers and Jewellers will expertly guide you to the perfect trilogy engagement ring settings to combine safety, durability and beauty.

Read the FAQs Related to Unique Three Stone Engagement Rings:

Q.1 What do three-stone engagement rings mean?

Your past, present, and future are the hidden meanings of a three-stone engagement ring. This sentiment speaks of your love story and can be custom made to represent your relationship. The larger centre stone is your present moment, expressing your commitment to your engagement. 

Because it embodies your journey, the trilogy engagement ring can feature your desired diamond shapes or special gemstones that have meaning to you both.  It is a romantic connection to remember the precious moments shared, the strong bond you share today and the commitment to love one another for the future.

Q2. What are three stone rings called?

Often romantically referred to as a Trilogy Ring, the three stone engagement ring has a unique symbolism and impressive sparkle. Translated originally from the Greek word Tri- (meaning three times) and -logia (meaning story), the trilogy ring is steeped in significance. 

Commonly known to represent the past, the present and the future, the Trilogy ring can also be interpreted as fidelity, love and friendship. 

Q3. Are three stone engagement rings popular?

Yes, the three stone engagement ring has surged in popularity in recent years due to the ability to custom design your own unique style. The romance and symbolism of three stone engagement rings create a beautiful story and a stunning engagement ring. 

Q4. Are three stone rings more expensive?

Not necessarily. Due to a variety of different gemstone choices, a three stone engagement ring can be cheaper than a large solitaire diamond ring. Choosing a coloured gemstone centre with side accent diamonds is a personal touch that can be better for the budget-conscious. 

A fancy cut centre, such as a pear cut, princess cut, or oval cut with small side diamonds, can also be more reasonably priced than a large round brilliant cut centre. 

It is all about proportions. If you desire a 1-carat solitaire centre, the side diamonds will need to be at least 0.30ct to 0.50cts on each side to balance the design. The size will determine the price, as the larger you go, the more expensive it will be.

Whether you have a dream design idea or want to stick to a budget, we can help guide you to the perfect three-stone engagement ring. Our exceptional handcrafting techniques will ensure your trilogy will be passed down to the next generation, truly honouring the timeless tradition of past, present and future.

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Read the Testimonials of Stylish Three Stone Engagements Rings

“My partner researched the best three stone engagement rings for my lifestyle, and the team at Bell & Brunt helped him pick the perfect one” Amanda S.  – happy B&B customer

“Loved how I could pick my own diamonds and design, I didn’t want a style you see everywhere. It was awesome that Bell & Brunt also hand-make everything. I absolutely love my handcrafted engagement ring.” Tina T. 

“My fiance wanted to design a ring incorporating his grandma’s engagement ring, so the team helped him choose two diamonds to sit beside her beautiful diamond and I absolutely love that it has family history. Bell & Brunt really do know how to make personalised engagement rings, right here in Adelaide”  – Louise 

“I wanted something special for my partner, so when I searched for custom trilogy engagement rings in Australia, I found Bell & Brunt and booked an appointment straight away. They have been amazing the whole way through!” – Chris Durant 

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