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Baguette Cut

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Handmade Baguette Cut Engagement Rings

Custom baguette cut engagement rings are exquisite and unique pieces of jewelry crafted with care and precision by our skilled masters. Our designers and jewellers work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your unique personality.

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Baguette Diamonds in Engagement Rings

Embrace the linear grace and modern minimalism of baguette diamonds in your engagement ring. Whether used to add a touch of sophistication to an engagement ring or to create a striking design element in a piece of fine jewellery, baguette diamonds are celebrated for their unique and versatile characteristics. Their timeless appeal and ability to complement other diamond shapes make them popular among those who appreciate classic and contemporary jewellery styles.

What is a Baguette Diamond?

A baguette diamond is defined by its long, rectangular shape with step-cut facets. The name “baguette” is derived from the French word for “baton” or “wand,” which describes the diamond’s long shape. Baguette diamonds are typically used as accent stones or inside settings to complement other diamond shapes in engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewellery.

Baguette Diamond Types

Baguette diamonds come in either a rectangular or tapered shape. Straight sides and squared-off corners represent the rectangular baguette, while the tapered baguette narrows toward one end, typically used in various settings to create unique designs.

Baguette diamonds have step-cut facets, which means that their facets are arranged in a series of parallel steps that run down the length of the diamond. This facet arrangement creates a different shine or brilliance than brilliant diamonds like rounds, radiant or princess cuts. They display a more subtle sparkle, appealing to those who prefer a less flashy and refined look.

How to use Baguette Diamonds in Your Engagement Ring

Incorporating baguette diamonds into your engagement ring can add an avant-garde touch to your design. Here are some creative ways to use baguette diamonds in your engagement ring:

  1. Side Stones: Baguette diamonds can be set as side stones, flanking the centre diamond or gemstone. This arrangement can create a striking look, adding to an angular minimalist look without overshadowing the central stone.
  2. Tapered Baguette Accent: You can use tapered baguette diamonds as accents to enhance the centre stone. These diamonds narrow towards one end and widen at the opposite to draw the eye up to the centrepiece.
  3. Geometric Designs: Baguette diamonds are perfect for creating geometric and artistic designs. You can incorporate them to form unique shapes, such as Art Deco-inspired peaks, rectangles, or squares, providing a modern, eye-catching appearance.
  4. Channel Setting: A channel setting involves placing baguette diamonds in a channel along the band of the ring. This design adds sparkle and provides a smooth and comfortable wearing experience.
  5. Mixing with Other Diamond Shapes: Baguette diamonds can be combined with other diamond shapes, such as round brilliants or princess cuts, to create a striking contrast and a more unique and dynamic look.
  6. Double or Triple Row: You can use multiple rows of baguette diamonds on the band for a dramatic effect. Double or triple rows of these diamonds can make a bold statement.

Baguette diamonds have found a special place in modern and minimalist jewellery designs. Their simplicity and angular facets reflect the sleek aesthetics appreciated by contemporary romantics. 

Explore the understated charm of baguette diamonds with our gem experts. 


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