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Top 7 Celebrity Engagement Rings That Are All The Rage In 2023

We love celebrity proposals, and if you’re reading this, we think you’re a part of the club too! With all the access we have to celebrities nowadays (thanks, social media!), it’s tough not to get personally invested in their love lives. And then to finally see their love culminating in an engagement feels a personal victory no less. Over the years, we’ve seen many beautiful couples get engaged, married, have babies, break up, get engaged again… you get the drift! However, some A-lister celebrities have gone all out to showcase their love for their partner with the most wonderful celebrity engagement rings. From the size of the rock to its price, these engagement rings leave you in shock and awe of their sheer grandeur. Read on!

1. Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who everyone lovingly calls Bennifer, have had a seriously dramatic love story. They first got together in 2002, went their separate ways, and actually married other people. But finally, in 2022, their love found a way to each other. 

Jennifer and her engagement ring image source: Instagram

When Ben Affleck decided to propose to JLO, he went all out with an 8.5-carat green diamond ring. The Jennifer Lopez engagement ring has been a source of envy and inspiration for many because of its unique design. It is set in between two white diamond trapezoids, and in a tell-all newsletter, Jennifer revealed how green is her favourite colour. 

And yes, we are green with envy!

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2. Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker

Kourtney's oval diamond engagement ring image source: Instagram

With an estimated cost of $1 million, Travis Barker proposed to his girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian in October 2021. The solid, oval-shaped diamond plopped in the centre of a simple band is all the bling Kourtney needs in her life. A ring like this one has become very popular and is often called the Kourtney Kardashian ring. It’s designed by the popular jewellery designer, Lorraine Schwartz. 

3. Ariana Grande & Dalton Gomez

Ariana's pearl & oval diamond engagement ring image source: Instagram

Ever since her engagement in 2021, the Ariana Grande engagement ring has been all the rage amongst young couples. The 5 carat oval-shaped diamond is accompanied by a single pearl, which according to some fan theories, comes from her late grandfather’s tie-pin. Aww, that’s so sweet and thoughtful! 

4. Avril Lavigne & Mod Sun

Avril's heart diamond engagement ring image source:Instagram

The title of one of the most popular engagement rings and one of our favourite proposals of all times go to Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun. The heart-shaped diamond ring sealed the deal for the two in April 2022 when Mod went down on one knee in front of the Eiffel Tower. Oh, to get proposed to in Paris- that’s the dream! The ring is even more special because it is engraved with the words, ‘Hi icon’ and ‘Mod+Avril’. This rather expensive ring is designed by XIV Karats.  

5. Kate Middleton & Prince William

Now, we know Kate & William didn’t get engaged recently, but requests like this design have skyrocketed this year, so we had to add it!

Kate Middleton got the royal blue sapphire & diamond ring from her longtime boyfriend, Prince William in 2010. This ring was given by the prince’s father, Prince (now King) Charles to his late life, Lady Diana. Since Kate adorned this ring in 2010, it has come to be known as the Kate Middleton engagement ring. 

Kate Middleton's sapphire & diamond engagement ring image source: Instagram

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6. Lily Collins & Charlie McDowell

Lily Collins bezel set diamond engagement ring

Film director, Charlie McDowell popped the question to lady-love, actress, Lily Collins in the middle of a desert in Mexico in 2020. This beautiful celebrity engagement ring is a bezel-set rose-cut diamond, which sits perfectly on Lily’s petite hand. The ring is designed by Irene Neuwirth and has made it to the list of one of the most unique celebrity engagement rings in the 21st century. 

7. Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) fans went into a frenzy as soon as the news of the two getting engaged broke on the internet. The beautiful Toi et Moi emerald and diamond ring was MGK’s brainchild. He worked closely with Stephen Webster to bring his vision to reality. It is the combination of Megan and MGK’s birthstone, which is emerald and diamond respectively. This celebrity engagement ring will be easily worth over a million dollars, and it’s totally worth it! 

Megan Fox emerald & diamond engagement ring image source:Instagram

Which of these celebrity engagement rings is your favourite? Or is there any celebrity whose ring you loved, and we’ve missed adding them to this list? Share with us! 

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