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6 Unique and Personalised Engagement Gift Ideas for Couples

Deciding on one gift from a list of engagement gift ideas is never easy, no matter how many times we do it. We think we know our friends until we need to decide on a gift for them. Will they love it? Is it thoughtful enough? We’ve all had these doubts.

If your friend is getting engaged soon, here is a list of personalised engagement gifts to help you narrow down your choices.

1. Paid for Adventure Experiences

Australia has a lot to offer outdoor activity lovers. Adrenaline curates thousands of weekend adventures from all over Australia that your newly engaged couple can tick off their bucket list. The categories include water sports, flying, driving, and land adventures. You can also browse activities by location to help narrow down on options closer to you.

In Queensland, the couple can experience hot-air balloon rides hundreds of meters in the sky. South Australia is great for ship cruises, whale watching, and water sports. Western Australia has amazing options for sand boarding and quad bike riding. Victoria offers multiple options for flying lessons and rally tracks where you can do time trials using real race cars.

2. His and Hers Bathrobes

Engagement gifts do not get more personal than bathroom robes. Pamper your newly engaged friends with luxury His and Hers robes with their names or a special message embroidered. On Manchester Warehouse’s website, you can browse through robes from multiple brands such as Bambury and Linen House. Bribe and Co. Sheridan’s Monogramming Service allows you to pick from a variety of fonts to suit your style.

High-quality cotton makes the best robes because it’s soft on the skin. You can opt for a set of bathrobes and matching towels if you want to take it to the next level. It’s a thoughtful gift for a young couple who just moved in together.

3. Luxury Couple Spa Therapy

Planning a wedding after the engagement party can be a lot of pressure on a couple. You can book them a day at a spa to help them take some time out and relax. Few engagement gifts for couples are more special than this.

Australia is rich with destination spas. You can pick one in the middle of a rainforest such as the Daintree Wellness Day Spa in Queensland or one in a coastal setting such as the Ayurvedic Day Spa at Arajilla Retreat in Lord Howe Island. Temple Day Spa, in Unley, SA is a great choice for holistic body treatment. They offer LED light therapy, hydrotherapy, and cellulite treatment among a range of other specialised services.

Spas make every guest’s experience memorable and unique. You can make special requests for them, including cake, specific flowers, or champagne.

4. Set of Personalised Homeware

Taking time to pick out homeware is a nice way to show appreciation to a friend. Visit Krof’s physical or online store and check out a range of different cutlery and glassware to gift your friends. If you would like a more exclusive brand, then Stanley Rogers is a great and well-renowned store for homeware shopping. A personalised door mat is also a great canvas for a special message for a couple that’s moving to a new home together.

5. A Photoshoot with their Pet

If your friends are animal lovers, then a professional photoshoot with their pet will no doubt wow them.

Professional pet photographers are good with animals and therefore will not stress the pets during the session. An average session lasts about 2 hours.

Erin King, a pet photographer, offers styling for the pet as part of the package. Samantha Donohue of Pawstatic also has a rich portfolio of professional pet photography. You can book her online. The best pieces from the shoot can make wall art, Christmas cards, wallpapers and more. Hound in Hand have attractive photography packages for Adelaide residents. They shadow owners on strolls and picnics with their pets and capture the best moments.

Pet Portraits Oz specialises in turning photos of pets into pieces of painted art on canvas. They do each piece 100% by hand and on high-quality canvas. The pieces are timeless and personalised engagement gifts that will no doubt have a place in the owner’s living room.

6. Personalised Handmade Pendant Necklaces

Handmade pendants are exquisite gifts for major life events. They are traditional engagement gifts when you consider how long they’ve been around, but they are timeless because each one has a special meaning. Each pendant tells a new love story.

At Bell & Brunt, we take time with all the pendants clients entrust us with. From the selection of metal or stone to the engraving of special messages, we do everything delicately and thoughtfully.

We also customise cufflinks on request. Personalised cufflinks are such functional accessories, and an elegant choice of engagement gift for him. You can have the initials of the couple engraved or even the date of their engagement party.

Whichever engagement present ideas you have in mind, think them through carefully. Ensure there is meaning behind your choice. Finally, give yourself enough time to order the gift and package the gift properly. You can choose to splurge or not because the best engagement gifts only need to be heartfelt.

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